Honor Student Develops Leadership Strategies

  • Sayville Middle School Honor Student

    Develops Leadership Strategies

    in National Program


    While she was still in eighth grade at Sayville Middle School, honor student Chelsea Chamberlain participated in a four-day National Young Leaders State Conference program. NYLSC inspired Chelsea and the young scholars who also attended to assess their own strengths and unique abilities as they learned leadership strategies. NYLSC curriculum challenged the scholars to build a working “toolkit” of skills “to help them successfully dream, create, and implement plans that will change how they view their role as leaders in their communities.” This year’s theme, Courageous Leadership, focused the students’ development on various ways to be effective leaders and to make a difference in the world while still maintaining the courage of their convictions.


    Chelsea’s mother, Karen, was appreciative that her daughter was nominated for the NYLS Conference by algebra teacher, Joanne Gryzmala.  Chelsea “had a wonderful time meeting new people, learning leadership skills, and making new friends.” Now that Chelsea is heading into High School, her academic excellence coupled with her new leaderships strategies learned during the   NYLSC program will certainly help her navigate her future leadership opportunities with confidence.