Cherry Moving Up

  • Students "Better Than Gold"

    at Cherry's Moving-Up

    At Cherry Avenue, a full agenda of awards (see list below), special recognition for students, families moving on, and retiring staff, an entertaining Slide Show prepared by the parent committee, and music combined to make the Fifth-grade Moving-Up a memorable ceremony.

    Once the pledge was initiated by Hannah Niggemeier, Principal Dr. John Stimmel presented the Fifth-Graders to Middle School Principal Murray who offered assurances and welcome. Very special recognition was given to two retiring teachers, Christine Duggan and Eaine Hitner, who were honored and thanked with flowers and applause for their unforgettable years of devotion and service to our Sayville students and schools.

    During the program, the students sang Because of You written by Kristi Woerner (out on maternity leave) and directed by Justin Marks as well as Another Step Up. At the end of the ceremony, a very special recessional played by Mr. Marks on the saxophone and by Mr. Fred Diekmann on the keyboard accompanied the students as the marched away.

    The special class gift, an enormous painting designed by art teacher Robin Laxton, was presented on behalf of the parents by Jennifer Mohrmann to Cherry Avenue faculty and staff for their “wonderful job of preparing our students for Middle School.” The artwork displayed a tree topped with leaves—handprints of each Fifth grader—and written below: “You never really leave a place you love. Part of it you take with you, leaving a part of yourself behind.”

    For his farewell comments, Dr. Stimmel first told a story about a boy named Tommy, whose disappointing pitches in an important baseball game did not diminish the love and pride of his father for whom “Tommy was better than gold.” Asking all present to take this lesson to heart, Dr. Stimmel encouraged families and children to express their love and pride in each other, because above all else, they are valued “more than gold.” Enlisting the traditional assistance of select Fifth graders to hold specific props (a lantern, megaphone, a telescope and microscope, a Meet-the Robinsons Poster, and a clock) that in previous years symbolized a special life lesson, Dr. Stimmel added a golden statuette this year. “You will always have friends, family, and teachers here, in your hometown of Sayville, who believe you are better than gold!”

    Cory Cutrone
    Jack Davis
    John Gaconnier
    Nita George
    Eric Gustafson
    Keira Hanlon
    Julia Kaczmarek
    Timothy Mohrmann
    Christopher Pitre
    Erika Powers
    Avery Rosado
    Donald Schweikert
    Lillian Schweikert
    Madelyn Wagner
    Eric Willsen
    Liam Berlingieri
    Simone Carniaux
    Sara Holmes
    Ceili Howland
    Emily Manning
    Allison Neumeyer
    Thomas Nielsen
    Jonathan Nolan
    Alexander Urmaza
    Jacqueline Weinfeld
    Daniel Witt
    Grade 5
    Cory Cutrone
    Evan Geffner
    Ceili Howland
    Julia Kaczmarek
    Aidan Kaler
    Katie Kolar
    Kolbi Maddy
    Emily Manning
    Liam Berlingieri
    County Executive Public Service Award •Bettina Bonfigli 

    NYS Comptroller Achievement Award •Nadia Yajadda, Avery Rosado, & Julia Kaczmarek

    County Legislature Presiding Officer Award •Donald Schweikert

    Marjorie Kemper  (citizenship) •Gabi Ulloa & Jacob Wolmart

    Triple “C” Award •Aidan Kaler & Kathryn Kolar

    Suffolk Zone Scholar-Athlete Award • Emily Manning & Kolbi Maddy