Lincoln Moving Up

  • Lincoln Fifth-grade Moved up with Thanks

    During her introduction, Principal Dr. Michele LeBlanc welcomed the assembly of students, guests to the District’s first Moving-Up of 2012, and added a special welcome to Deputy Superintendent Dr. Geri Sullivan Keck for her tremendous service to Sayville schools.

    After thanking all the families for six years of support, Dr. LeBlanc associated the great success of the Lincoln Avenue Fifth-graders with their parents’ involvement in education; all that “attention and time and support have paid off.” She also acknowledged those parents whose youngest children were moving up “which means you are leaving us” and asked them to stand up in the audience. A round of applause was the “official’ wave goodbye. 

    “Today is a milestone and one to celebrate.” Dr. LeBlanc began by naming and thanking a special group of parents, as volunteers for PTA, Site-Based Team, and in general, who have “always been there” to service Lincoln students, staff, and school.

    During her address, Dr. LeBlanc linked the District’s motto The Foundation for Success to the learning process. “Your children have received the mortar to place the bricks, one by one, to create a solid foundation.” She referred to fairy tale of the three little pigs:   “What makes this story a true fairy tale is that the third little pig has the wherewithal to build his home with brick and the stamina to do this all by himself! Really? That is a fairy tale; because we know building a strong foundation is a combined effort. Our fifth graders are here to celebrate the completion of their first few floors.  These first few staircases of success can only have been accomplished through great effort and encouragement, one step at a time…through the love and encouragement of their teachers and their first and best teachers—their parents! Our students have proven that each and every ceiling completed and reached only becomes a new floor. There is more work to be done…. Through their demonstrated determination and efforts displayed these last six years, I am confident that the bricks and mortar supplied will continue to build new ceilings…new floors at Sayville Middle School.…

    Calling upon Middle School Principal Thomas Murray, Dr. LeBlanc concluded her remarks by symbolically placing “care of these children, in your hands.”  

    After the Principal’s brief statements, the Lincoln Avenue ceremony focused on the students. Select Fifth-graders representing each class read personal essays about their shared experiences at Lincoln. Each student was called individually by their teachers to receive the Moving-Up certificate, followed by the naming of those students receiving special awards (see list). Although the musical interlude was the sentimental favorite, For Just a Little While, the Moving-Up ceremony closed with an upbeat new musical arrangement (thanks to Mrs. Cirillo) of Rock Around the Clock, appropriately entitled We’re Going to the Middle School. Festivities continued for just a little while longer with refreshments provided by the PTA.

    Harrison Bench
    Mary Jo Chan
    Mackenzie Damon Meghan Dooley
    Jake Magliola
    Kiera Mizzi
    Kathryn Murphy
    Abigail Sneddon
    Samantha Yost
    Devin Castell
    Christopher Desimone
    Alyssa Hald
    Andrew Jones
    Hailey Lap
    Joshua Minutello
    Karl Stein
    Grade 5
    William Bongiorno
    Briana Davis
    Riley Freeman
    Madison Mergl
    Joshua Minutello
    Emily Parsowith
    Mackenzie Pfeufer
    Haille Ross
    Abigail Sneddon
    Isabella Wilson
    NYS Comptroller Achievement Award •Harrison Bench
    Erin Halliday Duffy Awards•Kamryn Nickdow, Mary Jo Chan, Alexandra Coia, Douglas Hunter, Timothy Kanaley
    County Legislature Presiding Officer Award •Hailey Lap
    Triple “C “Award •Thomas Marks, Samantha Yost, Christopher Pilutik
    LA PTA Cultural Arts Awards•(art) Emily Tucker, Joseph Maher; (Orchestra) Victoria Maffetone, Luke Rosario; (band) Bryan Bartell, Hailey Lap; (voice) Olivia Werner, Harrison Bench, Kaitlyn Maher; (piano) Trinity Estien, Meghan Dooley, Johnna Hutchison