Middle School Moving Up



    While the Seventh-grade Orchestra played the march, the Eighth-graders processed into the auditorium for their Moving-Up Ceremony.

    Once all had assembled, the program opened with the National Anthem, sung in a clear and deep voice by the talented Raymond Ebarb. In addition, the outstanding Jazz Band performed The Final Countdown, which included solo improvisations by various accomplished Eighth-grade musicians. Each of these commanding musical performances raised roars of approval and applause from the audience.

    During his address, Principal Thomas Murray celebrated the accomplishments of the Moving-Up Class. Describing them as “hard workers who had challenged themselves,” Mr. Murray enumerated the class statistics (see below). He also praised this class for their outstanding attributes.  “You came together to help raise money to beat cancer, to support our soldiers, to feed the needy, to fight ALS [raising] $3,000, and to collect toys to make some families’ Christmas a little brighter. You have knitted over 1,500 hats, blankets, and scarves to donate. You have an impressive resume of accomplishments, but what I have come to admire most about this class is the fine men and women you have become.”

    In his reflections about the past, how things have changed, and how far society has come, Mr. Murray stated, “what hasn’t changed is the key to success and making a difference: hard work, perseverance, scholarship, compassion, empathy, and doing the right thing when nobody is looking. You have learned well over the past three years. Your foundation for success has been built by your hard work, support of your parents and teachers. You are ready to move on to the High School. Be kind to each other, treat each other well! Be there for one another!”

    CLASS STATISTICS from the class of 237 students,
    • 105 students have taken and passed the Algebra Regents, one with a perfect score.
    • 82 students have taken and passed the Living Environment Regents, two with perfect scores.
    • 100% pass rate on both of the Regents exams.
    • 38 students have taken and passed the High School Studio in Art Class.
    • 50% of the Class is leaving with 2 High School Credits
    • 35% of the Class is leaving with 3 High School Credits
    • 28% of the Class has maintained a 90 GPA for 11 marking periods.
    The Arts
    • Music Department competed in festivals around the country, with 28 in SCMEA All-County Band, Orchestra, and Chorus this year, and raised over $1,000 for the Harry Chapin Food Pantry.
    • Our teams have competed hard, enjoyed success, and have had many undefeated seasons  as well as Section XI Sportsmanship Awards.
    community service
    • For the past three years, we have over 200 Presidential Community Service Winners       (with 30,000 hours of community service).


    ALGEBRA Shane O’Donoghue
    ART 8 Samantha Wilson  
    Studio in Art Lia Magliola 
    BAND Jared Bergen
    CHORUS Jillian Brudi
    CONSUMER & FAMILY SCIENCE Jillian Brudi ENGLISH Kathleen Herbst
    FRENCH Amanda Minutello 
    LIFE SCIENCE Sydney Entin
    MATHEMATICS 8 Kayla Perrone
    ORCHESTRA Bridget Pitre   
    PHYSICAL ED. (BOYS) Shane O’Donoghue
    PHYSICAL ED. (GIRLS) Nicole Farese
    SOCIAL STUDIES Kaitlyn Ross
    SPANISH Eric Bartlett
    TECHNOLOGY Sean Caraher

    Girls Sportsmanship Kaitlyn Ross
    Boys Sportsmanship Travis Brown
    School Leadership Shane O’Donoghue
    School/Community Service Megan O’Connor
    Academic Improvement Jaclyn Parcelluzzi

    Angelica Albanese
    Megan Ali
    Eric Bartlett
    Jared Bergen
    Nicole Bevilacqua
    Robert Broome
    Travis Brown
    Jillian Brudi
    Chelsea Burnside
    Sean Caraher
    Hailey Comiskey
    Jakob Diehl
    Harsh Dubey
    Raven Dushnick
    Jillian Dymek
    Kevin Esposito
    Nicole Farese
    Caitlin Flanagan
    Madison Gallagher
    Shaina Garrett
    Christine Guinessey
    Matthew Halton
    Samantha Hassett
    Kathleen Herbst
    Lara Beth Hirsch
    Julia Howland
    Melissa Hunter
    Alex Jones
    Elias Kalomiris
    Victoria Keghlian
    Rebecca Kranz
    Zachary Leahy
    Daniel Lumley
    Lia Magliola
    Christian Maloney
    Christopher McAuliff
    Ray McNamara
    Melanie McNeill
    Jamie Meere
    Julia Miglino
    Amanda Minutello
    Jamie Monaco
    Eileen Monahan
    Kimberly Monitto
    Michael Nadeau
    Jack Novak
    Shane O’Donoghue
    Joseph O’Leary
    Christopher Palmeri
    Angelina Perrone
    Emily Perun
    Elizabeth Pigott
    Bridget Pitre
    Tyler Powers
    Jaycee Rodman
    Michael Rolland
    Kaitlyn Ross
    Jack Saracino
    Zachary Schulz
    Alexandra Severin
    Emily Sneddon
    Luke Solak
    Kyra Squillante
    Gabrielle Stallone
    Daniel Stuven
    Sean Velazquez
    Savannah Votino
    Christy Wichert
    Samantha Wilson
    Rachel Zarett
    Daria Zeman
    Ryan Butler
    Corinne Caminske
    Raymond Ebarb
    Sydney Entin
    Kelsey Hughes
    Jessica Leigh-Manuell
    Kyle Matson
    Samantha Mayo
    Kylie McCoy
    James McKeon
    Sean McNally
    Kevin Smith
    John Tama
    Jonathan Verbeck


    NYS TRIPLE  ‘C’ AWARD  - Kyra Bachety & Madison May

    Community Service Awards 
    Nicole Farese
    Jonathan Verbeck
    Emily Sneddon
    Rowen Mahoney
    Bridget Pitre
    Sean McNally
    Michael Nyman
    Amanda Minutello
    Jillian Brudi
    Lara Beth Hirsch
    Savanah Votino 
    Madison May
    Erik Lindquist