Sayville Players Award Ceremony

  • Sayville Players Theatre Arts  2011-2012 AWARDS

    Every year, comedy and nostalgia blend at the annual Sayville Players’ Induction and Awards Ceremony. While saying goodbye is hard to do, the traditional passing of the baton (or, in some cases, canes, strange costumes, and even a turquoise, peasant skirt) adds refreshing levity to this high school awards ceremony.

    Again this year, the departing slate of officers bequeathed amusing props or confounding advice filled with wit and  unpredictable improvisations upon their successors. As recipients were announced and awarded, there was genuine catharsis when the winners of the memorial awards were named.

    At the Sayville Players/International Thespian Society Troupe #6416 Annual Awards Ceremony and Officer Installation, Drama Director Steve Hailey distributed the special, Sayville Players Senior awards in record-setting numbers to:

    • Kenneth Reed Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution to Sayville Players (plaque)      Anna Elena Mizzi
    • Lori Abrams Drama & Music Scholarship   Alexis Skalkowski
    • Thespian Circle Awards (plaques) Melanie Anderson, Alyssa Coia, Kim Colavito, Nicolle Ferremi, Derek Hartnett
    • Outstanding Dramatist Award (plaque) Kailey Schnurman
    • Outstanding Theatre Production Award (plaque) Allison Cromwell
    • Excellence in Direction (certificates) Kim Colavito, Melanie Anderson, Kailey Schnurman, Cassie D’Agostino, Cassie Carl, Kelsey Truglio, Marissa Klassert, Qxiara Tomasetti, Derek Hartnett, Emily McClellan, Alyssa Coia,   Kiera Muscara, Anna Mizzi,  Nicole Ferremi
    • Sayville Players Honour Troupe 2012 (medals) Melanie Anderson, Alyssa Coia, Kim Colavito, Allison Cromwell, Cassie D’Agostino,Nicolle Ferremi, Derek Hartnett, Michael Kennedy, Anna Mizzi, Kiera Muscara, Renee Reilly, Kailey Schnurman,  Alexis Skalkowski, Qxiara Tomasetti, Kelsey Truglio, Amanda Verdone, Miles Whittaker
    • Senior Recognition Awards (medals) Andrew Beechel, Ron Hiscock, Heather Merkle, Jon Aquilina