Class of 2012 Salutatorian

  • Who, except Jacqueline Kalomiris, Salutatorian for the Class of 2012, would equate science to a thrilling dance partner? 

    Those who know her best, however, wouldn’t be surprised. Jackie is a superb dancer with an outstanding scientific intellect, and this combination of physical and mental agility, which she has applied in all her academic and extracurricular pursuits, vaulted her weighted, grade-point average to a perfectly balanced 107.

    The best dancers smile as they perform amazing feats of athleticism. So too, Jackie has maneuvered through the most rigorous AP courses both gracefully and cheerfully. With the highest reverence, her teachers recognize Jackie as an impressive scholar, who is extremely conscientious, and innovative. She is a bright, self-motivated student with twinkling eyes that focus on both improving herself and making worthwhile contributions in a future that she envisions. Happily, her explorer’s delight for each discovery is contagious.

    Since her Freshman year as a participant in the Research in Science and Engineering Program, Jackie has earned many prestigious accolades in scientific research. Most recently, Jackie won the Honorable Mention Medal from the Intel Science Talent Research Competition. A member of the National Honor Society, SWEEP, and Anchor Club, Jackie has also earned membership in the Tri-M (Music) Honor Society for her orchestral talents as a violist in String Ensemble, String Quartet, and Chamber.

    Jackie’s extraordinary effervescence for learning goes beyond the classroom or science lab. Year-round, for more than ten years, Jackie has attended Ovations Dance Academy as a diligent student, exquisite onstage performer in recitals and community theatre, and most recently, an intuitive instructor who conveys her artistic devotion to her students.

    Above all these accomplishments, Jackie is valued most for her kindness and consideration for everyone, her loyalty to family and friends, her spontaneity for fun, her ethical grasp of both the world at large and the true meaning of sacrifice. With high aspirations of becoming a pediatric surgeon, Jackie has toned her aptitude through years of exhilarating practice and stalwart determination. As she heads to Cornell in the fall, Class of 2012 Salutatorian Jacqueline Kalomiris has the stamina and maturity necessary to attain her goals.

    Congratulations, Jackie!

    (photo courtesy of Jo Art Photography)