It All Adds Up to Success

  • It All Adds Up To Success

    Sayville Middle School competes

    in Suffolk County Middle School Math Contest

    Each year for three years, ten Sayville Middle School students have participated in the Suffolk County Middle School Math Contest held at Brookhaven National Lab. So again, for the Third Annual Math Contest, Middle School Mathlete Coach Mrs. Joanne Grzymala culled competitors in preparation. “Not only are the questions challenging, the students must work on individual problems, and then they are put together randomly with five students from other districts to work on group problems as well.”

    “The Brookhaven National Lab contest was opened up to ALL Seventh and Eighth graders to try out, not just the Mathlete teams,” Mrs. Grzymala explained. To determine who would “qualify” for the competition, Mrs. Grzymala gave all the Seventh- and Eighth-grade students “try-out problems” sheets which each student could choose to complete and return if they were interested in competing. Based on those results, ten students were chosen to attend several afterschool practice sessions before the contest date.

    At the 3rd Annual Middle School Math Contest in which 25 schools from around the county competed, Sayville Middle School was represented by Matt Tomko who was among the individual scorers at the Seventh grade level. Matt beat out 125 competitors and also upheld his winning legacy as a Sixth-grader by placing First Place for the second consecutive year.

    “We are very proud of Matthew!” Mrs. Grzymala said. “He will get to compete again as an Eighth grader next year.” In addition to Matt’s wonderful achievement, Mrs. Grzymala was elated with the Mathlete club’s ongoing accomplishments throughout the year. Both teams of Seventh- and Eighth-grade Sayville Mathletes came in First Place in their divisions.

    Congratulations go to the winning combination of Middle School Mathletes  (see list below) and their coach Mrs. Grzymala!

    Suffolk County Middle School Math Contest Brookhaven National Lab

    7th Grade  

    Mark Doucet

    Andrew Cameron

    Matt Tomko

    Dillon Esposito-Kelley

    Michael Earvolino

    Francis Reilly

    8th Grade

    Rebecca Kranz

    Emily Sneddon

    Shane O’Donahue

    Sean Caraher

    Michael Rolland

    **Matthew Tomko came in 1st place for 

    7th grade individual scorer (out of 125  7th graders)

    Coach: Mrs. Grzymala


    2011-2012 Mathletes Roster

    Advisor: Mrs. Grzymala

    Both the 7th and 8th grade Mathlete teams won 1st place in their division this year thanks to the following students…

    8thth  Grade

    Michael Rolland

    Lara Hirsh

    Jillian Brudi

    Shane O’Donoghue

    Emily Sneddon

    Sean Caraher

    Christine Guinessey

    7th grade

    Matthew Tomko

    Francis Reilly

    Daniel Forsberg

    Mary Elizabeth Wissemann

    Mark Doucett

    Brandon Buchor

    Dillon Esposito-Kelley

    Kaylee Basil

    Jake Kolar

    Dylan Nicholson