SHS Adds 87 to NHS

  • Sayville High School

    Adds 87 High-Achievers to the


    Eighty-seven Sayville High School students who demonstrated the attributes of scholarship, leadership, character, and service through various co-curricula and extra-curricula activities were inducted into the National Honor Society this spring. In addition, these academic high-achievers have maintained a 94.5 weighted average throughout their High School careers.

    Opening the recognition ceremony, NHS Faculty Advisor Kevin Recker applauded the parents for their supportive roles. “The time you spent reading to your children, coaching their little league teams, teaching their religious instruction classes, being boy- and girl-scout leaders, and the myriad of other acts of caring and the giving of yourselves and your time has culminated in this evening.” Mr. Recker also acknowledged the tremendous achievements of the young men and women, while urging them to enjoy their journey toward their amazing destinations.

    “Sayville High School confers no higher academic honor on a student body than membership into this remarkable organization,” Principal Ron Hoffer stated, adding that the students being inducted had met or, in many cases, far exceeded the criteria to be members of the Honor Society. Mr. Hoffer asked them to “continue to be positive and effective leaders in our school and our community at large.” After thanking the parents, guardians, and relatives for their guidance and support, as well as the Sayville Board of Education, Administrators, faculty and staff for offering programs that provide excellent opportunities for growth, Mr. Hoffer thanked the outgoing Seniors who served as NHS members in outstanding leadership roles throughout the past year.

    Closing his remarks, Mr. Hoffer balanced his message of striving for excellence with the results of the 40-year longitudinal study by Dr. Douglas Heath, psychologist at Haverford College, in which Dr. Heath examined what was the greatest predictor of success in adult life.”

    What he found was,” Mr. Hoffer said, “participation in ‘activity-based activities,’” i.e., involvement in extra-curricula and co-curricula activities would likely continue throughout life and lead to  genuine success in the future.

     As part of the ceremony, the 2012 NHS slate of officers bequeathed their offices to the newly elected officers for the 2013 school year (see below), with special words of advice:

    • From the Class of 2012, co-President Tiffany Bruno handed over the office of President to Class of 2013 elect Nicole Sala
    • From the Class of 2012, co-President Garrett Boyce handed over the office of Vice President to his brother Curran Boyce.
    • From the Class of 2012, Vice President Gabrielle Pacia handed over the office of Treasurer to Kate Mulry
    •  From the Class of 2012, Secretary Erica Weinberg handed over the office of Secretary to Erin Abraham
    •  From the Class of 2012, Historian Emily Gallagher handed over the office of Historian to Jacqueline Ryder.


    Upon closing, each inductee (see list below) was called by name to sign the NHS registry book and join their fellow NHS members on stage to receive a round of applause from their families.

    Erin Abraham                     

    Amanda Bonkoski

    Thomas Bonney

    Curran Boyce

    Harrison Cassetta

    Kelly Cavanagh

    Jackie Christensen

    Michelle Coffey

    Olivia Coley-Bishop

    Anna Corso

    Craig Davidson

    Amy Dean

    Caroline DeLuca

    Lucy DeStefano-Pearce

    Melanie Drinkwater

    Daniel Esposito

    Katherine Farrell

    Brittnee Fatigate

    Erica Ferer

    Kaytie Ferremi

    Megan Flanagan

    James Giattino

    Pamela Haas

    Peter Hayes

    Jennifer Henck

    Emma Henderson

    Angelica Hernandez

    Madison Hoon

    Tara Imbrenda

    Matthew Iovino

    Samantha Jarvis

    Jacqueline Johnson

    Kerry Keenan

    Elizabeth Koehler

    Rebecca Laterza

    Justin Liu

    Claire Luceri

    Jayme Lyons

    Sam Massenkeil

    Robert McCauley

    Kelly McElroy

    Kimberly Miller

    Taylor Mills

    Gianna Minogue

    Thomas Monahan

    Rebecca Monastero

    Connor Mulry

    Kaitlyn Mulry

    Meagan Mulry

    Kyle Murray

    Valerie Murray

    Jordyn Nadler

    Denise Natoli

    Conor Nordland

    Krista O’Malley

    Connor O’Neill

    Katie Oskey

    Caroline Pace

    Gina Palumbo

    Justine Parcelluzzi

    Sara Philbin

    Danielle Post

    Jameson Rebholz

    Sean Reutter

    Deborah Rico

    John Riess

    Thalia Rojas

    Alexandria Roppelt

    Sara Rossi

    Jacqueline Ryder

    Nicole Sala

    Christian Savini

    Samantha Schenkel

    Dylan Schreiber

    Eliot Simon

    Hillary Slavik

    Steven Smith

    Matthew Stephan

    Maria Stuven

    Michael Sugarman

    Courtney Takats

    Meagan Tomasso

    Katherine VanDorn

    Travis Villez

    Rachael Wachter

    Patrick Waters

    Marissa Whitby