Partners in Fun - 2nd Annual Dinner Dance

  • Partners in Fun,

    Old and Young,

    Enjoy Second Annual Dinner Dance

    An early evening of fine dining and fun dancing in Sayville was just the ticket to great entertainment, that is, if you had one of the free Senior Citizen Gold Cards!

    Eighty-six Senior Citizens with the School District Gold Cards were invited guests at the Second Annual Senior Citizen Recognition Dinner Dance where social networking was the old-fashion kind—face to face! 

    The event was a “thank you” from the Students Councils of both the Middle School and High School, acknowledging those seniors who have remained involved in the school community. They have been audience members for school concerts, school plays, board of education meetings, and award ceremonies. Many have been faithful sports spectators for our athletics programs. Most have been parents, grandparents, and great grandparents of Sayville students. Some were even former students or staff members.

    High praise from guests who attended last year’s Dinner Dance swelled the numbers for this year’s delightful fusion of music, good food, and great company. Musicians from the High School’s award-winning jazz band, conducted by Andy Giammalvo, offered live music, while the diners enjoyed delicious entrees of Chicken Marsala, Pasta Primavera, or Sausage and Peppers—masterful creations of Sayville Food and Nutrition High School Chef Keith Filosa, who also conjures up tasty and nutritious meals every school day at Sayville High School.

    While they served drinks and entrees, the student volunteers engaged their guests in conversations, thoroughly enjoying the Seniors’ stories and perspectives on life.

    But on the dance floor, age melted away. One suave gentleman, at 88 years old, maneuvered his dancing partners with astonishing finesse, another energetic lady rocked and rolled to the music from her wheelchair. With music provided by Scott, a professional DJ, setting the beat, the wait staff, chef, kitchen aids, and school staff met guests on the dance floor. Everyone, young and old, showcased fancy footwork and grand style, which proved to be highlight of the evening.

     Behind the scenes, Chef Keith worked his magic in the kitchen, thanks to the assistance of Food and Nutrition Director Linda Horrigan, personnel Carmella Micelli, Lorijean Leigh-Manuell, and the student volunteers. Art students created the decorations and many High School Service organizations and club advisors gathered their resources of talented students to be wait staff, kitchen help, receptionists, and choreographers. High School Principal Ron Hoffer was joined by Superintendent Dr. Walter Schartner and Deputy Superintendent Geraldine Sullivan Keck at the dinner to mingle, feast, and dance alongside the District Gold Card members.

     With the tremendous success of the Second Annual Senior Citizen Recognition Dinner Dance, there is sure to be a third. Those Senior Citizens who would like to be added to the list can obtain a free District Gold Card, with proof of residency, at the School District Administration Building at 99 Greeley Avenue, Sayville.