Waste Not Want Not

  • Waste Not, Want Not

    Making  A "Fair" Trade with Recyclables

     Accepting the challenge of reducing, reusing, and recycling while commemorating Earth Day, the Lincoln Avenue Kindergarten students traded ideas and displayed amazing ingenuity during a Recycle Fair.

    “The children were asked to reuse things around the house like cans, wood, bottles, paper towel tubes, etc., to create a new item,” explained teacher Gina LoCurto. After finding unique ways to repurpose recyclables, the students showcased great creativity by making various kinds of instruments, flower pots/boxes, and even a game of bowling.

     “There were some pretty cool projects,” said Megan Dailey, who was one of Mrs. Gonzalez’s Kindergarten students. “My favorite was Alexia’s. It was a crayon box.” “Nick made a bowling project out of paper cups,” commented classmate Ethan Cohen, adding, “he brought a little ball and we could knock down the cups,” while another kindergarten student Chris Yonkers admitted, “I liked the Recycle Fair because everyone got to see my ship that I made with cans.”

     Alexandra Burke in Mrs. Prinz's class believed “it was real nice for the Earth;” John Criscuola thought the entire Recycle Fair “was good. I liked everyone's signs and projects;” and Brett Walther “had fun making my recycle project with my mom.”

     In Mrs. LoCurto's class, the students shared their feedback about the projects. “It was fun,” both Taylor DiMenna and Daniel Blanco especially agreed about making their own projects. “I liked looking at all the projects,” said Liam Donovan, “there was cool stuff.” Summing up their excitement, Amelia Sarni particularly “liked when the parents came in and got to see all the projects.”

     The parents liked it too. Invited to view all the reused items recreated in each of the kindergarten classes, they roamed from room to room, asking many of the students about their projects and how they were made. Among the guests, Superintendent Dr. Walter Schartner examined the handiwork and interacted with the students who were eager to share their experiences and new-found knowledge about turning trash into treasure.

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