A Little Karaoke for a VERY BIG Cause

  • A Little Karaoke Night Music

    for a Very Big Cause


    Pulsing with Karaoke Music, Sayville Middle School rocked as students, families, and staff shared the excitement during the evening activities. Although upbeat and fun for all ages, Karaoke Night was a special ALS fundraiser for research toward a cure and held particular significance this year. ALS hit too close to home, when a Sixth-grade student recently lost his father to the disease.


    The Middle School community united in a show of support.  Those students and staff who signed up to sing followed the lyrics with gusto and grace. Some students signed up for the Pie-in-the-Teachers-Face activity that proved to be a hilarious event—more so for the observers, perhaps—but which mingled the sounds of laughter with the evening music.


    In addition, the Middle School offered raffles for several baskets and had a bake sale of goods donated by the students. “In total,” concluded Kerri Van Boxel, Middle School Music and Band Instructor, “we raised over $1,700!”