SEEing A Difference with HOPE


    SEE What a Difference You Can Make” and “Give the Gift of Better Vision” were just some of the catchy phrases the Sayville Middle School students read on posters throughout the school halls.

    These creative eye catchers apparently worked for the HOPE clubs’ latest charity collection. Throughout the school year, the HOPE club participates in various charities to help our local community, such as the Thanksgiving Food Drive in November. During the month of January, the Eyeglasses for HOPE campaign collected 65 pairs of prescription eyeglasses from the Middle School building. The eyeglasses were donated to Optika Eyes Ltd., a Sayville eye care and eyewear store that participates in a Catholic Charities program which provides eyeglasses to needy people. The Middle School’s collection was shipped out to the Dominican Republic within the following two weeks.

    “It’s amazing to think that something pushed in the back of your nightstand, forgotten about, can tremendously change the quality of life for another person," stated Mrs. Rooney, HOPE club Co-Advisor, while Co-Advisor Mrs. Galima added, “The students were so enthusiastic about participating in this collection."

     Knowing that HOPE Club’s local community collection would impact 65 people in another country, some of the members expressed their sense of great pride, compassion, and motivation from this charitable drive:

    • Brigid Lipari exclaimed, “I cannot imagine not having my eyeglasses. I am so happy people will now see and have their own glasses!”
    • Julia Hogkinson said, “It’s upsetting to think about those who do not have eyeglasses because it diminishes the quality of their lives.  In our small way, we are opening the eyes of 65 people who will see the world so much brighter and clearer now!”
HOPE Club Co-Advisors Rooney and Galima