Giants Fever Fuels SUPER BOWL at Sunrise

  • Giants Fever Fuels Super Math Bowl at Sunrise Drive

     Taking Giants fever to a new level, the fifth graders in Mrs. Carpenter’s class in Sunrise Drive celebrated with their own Super Math Bowl.

     Dressed in Giant’s blue and divided into four teams, the class spent one afternoon completing four math stations. The students used their knowledge of fractions, percent, problem solving and multiplication to answer questions about game strategy, uniform replacement costs, pass-completion percentages, and team statistics.

     Among the students, Aidan liked figuring out the quarterbacks’ passing percentages and was surprised to discover who made top 12 quarterbacks for this year; Anthony liked learning how much money it cost to replace the uniforms, adding he never really thought about that before. While Ariana liked the Football Fashion Word Problems because she had to think to solve them, Mary liked that her name was mentioned in the question in which the students had to solve the mystery number, a number that was discovered to be a Giant’s jersey number.

     While the winning team wore home their own Super Bowl rings, everyone enjoyed Giants Blue and Red cupcakes to celebrate their improved game and winning math skills.

     "In general the children liked the Math Super Bowl,” Mrs. Carpenter said. “They got to move around the room to four stations and it was fun to work on the problems with their ‘team.’ Many of the children liked that they were timed in four quarters and they thought it was fun to have to solve the problems in a specific amount of time. It really got them moving when I gave the 2-minute warning! And, as Ariana said, ‘Cupcakes always are a good thing!’"


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