Sunrise Shines with Brick 26 Contributions

  • Brick by Brick, Good Character Builds at Sunrise Drive With MOST Generous Contributions to Brick 26

     What is Brick 26? 

    It is a nonprofit organization that raises funds to aid and assist all Long Island Veterans with various needs, especially those Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  As part of its fundraising efforts, Brick 26 is planning an August 4th 10K race in Eisenhower Park.  Each participant will carry at least one brick as a symbolic weight for all that our soldiers have carried for us through their service.  At the conclusion of the race, the bricks will be collected with a plan to build a monument to Veterans at a Long Island college.

    To raise awareness among children for this worthy cause, Sunrise Drive’s Student Council asked the fellow students to bring in $0.26 each. The students found ways to fund their donations for this project by holding bake sales, recycling bottles and cans, digging in their couches, piggy banks, and earning money through chores. After collecting $916.82, the Sunrise Drive students were able to present their donation to a Veteran Marine, Sgt. Jeffery Matassa, at an assembly. 

    While service-learning continues to be one of our most important goals at Sunrise Drive, the students can also be very proud of their achievement. Sunrise Drive collected the most per student of all participating schools. As a result, the school’s name will appear both on one of the bricks being carried as well as on the back of the event t-shirt.