Swan Lake Show Stopper

  • SWAN LAKE Showstopper

    Fashion Exhibit by High School Art Students


    Sayville High School Art students in Mrs. Debra Urso’s Advanced Fashion class worked on a real-world simulation project designing for a production of Swan Lake.


    Dividing the responsibilities of the production into Showcase Design, Accessory Design, Fashion Illustration, or Makeup Design, the students selected an area that interested them, based upon their artistic preferences and strengths. Some, along with Mrs. Urso, took the director’s role to delegate jobs and help make decisions. Once the project was complete, the students in charge of the exhibit set up the display in the hall showcase with the actual design costumes, jewelry, and headpieces created by the students, accompanied by the original sketches.


    While the ingenious sketches for the Swan Lake fashion-design assignment demonstrated the creative concepts in two dimension, the transformation to three dimension was exquisite. From the White and Black Swan tutus, which were created with delicate tulles, netting, wire hoops, and feathers; to the accessory headpieces that complimented the costumes with feathers and beads, as well as the jewelry crafted by the students—every aspect of the project showed great attention to detail with breathtaking results.


    Senior Derek Hartnett, who as a dancer proved to be a great resource, summed up the class’s experience. “I found this project provided a great challenge for everyone, yet at the same time played to our strengths. Both the finished project and the individual projects showcase the fantastic talent this class possesses.”


    Mrs. Urso expressed her enthusiasm and appreciation for their work, saying “It really is a show stopper. The students should be acknowledged for all their amazing collaboration.”