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Breakfast of Champions Recognition

Breakfast of Champs Fall of 2011

At the traditional ceremony held in December, twenty-three students were honored by the faculty and staff who nominated them while enjoying a hearty breakfast with their families. Congratulations to the following Breakfast of Champions recipients whose efforts have made Sayville High School a better place to learn.

1.   Gabrielle Pacia…nominated by Ms. Bernstein

      Gabby is pure joy.  She values her education, respects her teachers and is kind to her many friends.  She is a champion in every sense of the word.  I am honored to have been her teacher for these past 2 years.


2.   Kathleen Maehr…nominated by Ms. Bernstein

       Kathleen does everything that is asked of her with a smile on her face.  Her inherent goodness and kind nature are obvious within minutes of knowing her.  I thought this might be the right forum to let her know that her great character and integrity does not go unnoticed, even in a class of 38!


3.   Ryan Aloise... nominated by Mr. Shaw

      I am so pleased to have the opportunity to know Ryan Aloise this year.  He is the epitome of a gentleman:  kind, polite, and always considerate. He distinguishes himself everyday in English 12 by his active participation, his sense of humor, and his warm smile.  While taking, and teaching, English during the last period of the day, the temptation can be to just get it done and go home.  With his attention and hard work, Ryan makes every class important and worth the effort.


4.   Kerry Keenan…nominated by Ms. Hoss

      Kerry Keenan is an amazing young woman.  She is not only an outstanding student and athlete but a kind, loyal and committed person.  She gives of her time and herself willingly and is a tremendous pleasure to teach every day.  She is also one of the most modest girls I know.  She certainly has much to boast about, but never talks of herself.  I am so blessed to teach Kerry each day!  To the Keenan family:  whatever you did in raising your little girl, it worked!  What’s your secret?


5.   Colleen Whitehurst…nominated by Ms. Hoss

      I actually have never had the opportunity to teach Colleen in class but I know her through her work for our new club, Athletes Helping Others.  Colleen is the girl you go to when you need something done.  She is reliable, hardworking, upbeat, and a talented student and athlete.  Colleen has no lunch and still finds the time to fulfill all of her responsibilities.  I am so happy to be working with her and only wish I had her in class.  She is an all around outstanding young lady!  Kudos to the Whitehurst family for raising a great girl!


6.   Logan Hillery…nominated by Ms. Hoss

      If you do not know Logan Hillery, you need to meet him.  He was born for a reason and that is to be an encouragement and a blessing to others!  If you walk behind him in the hallway you would see the way his presence changes people.  You would see distracted, tired or even stressed out faces turn into smiles.  If you ever need a lift, just go spend a few moments with Logan, he will lift your spirits and brighten your day.  Logan is the heart that makes Sayville High School beat!  Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Hillery for sharing him with us!


7.   Saul Rubio-Olguin....nominated by Ms. Trentowski

     Saul is extremely determined to do well in school.  He is conscientious about his work and always makes it a point to let me know he is trying his hardest.  Even though Saul has only been speaking English for a few years, he never lets that language barrier prevent him from reaching his academic goals.  I am so proud of Saul’s work ethic and continually impressed with his overall character.


8.   John Haggart…nominated by Ms. Feeley

      John is a motivated, hardworking young man, and always strives to do better.  He is humble and puts everyone first before himself.  He is always very modest and respectful towards his peers.  John is warm, sincere and in class he exhibits an ambitious attitude.  John has earned my deepest respect by demonstrating outstanding leadership.


9.   Emily Gallagher….nominated by Mr. Hammer

      With an intense work ethic and a creative spirit, Emily Gallagher has created a superb portfolio of award winning artwork.  Her level of dedication and caring is a model for all others to learn from.


10.  Emily Diehl…nominated by Mr. Hammer

      For the past three years Emily Diehl has been the Art Department’s “go to girl” whether it’s making a sign on the computer, designing a tee shirt, or helping with the Art Club, her “can do” attitude has been a tremendous asset.


11.  Jacqueline Kalomiris…nominated by Mr. Kramer

     Jackie is an indispensible part of the Sayville Music program.  Above that though, she is a wonderful human being.  Whether Jackie is practicing on her own, or helping other people in her violin section to master a piece of music, she is always smiling.  A great student, musician, and citizen, I can see no better person to receive this great honor. 


12.  Zachary Stephan…nominated by Ms. Brown

      Zachary is a talented young man who excels in mathematics and science.  Mr. Gittler once told me that he was one of the most talented students he ever had the privilege of teaching in physics.  He is one of the most polite and most humble young men that I have had the pleasure to teach.  He is inspired to learn for the sake of learning, not to receive recognition.  Last year Zach completed a research project that received national attention from Vernier through President Obama’s National Lab Day.  Sayville High School received approximately $1500.00 worth of Vernier equipment for free because of his project, where he measured the growth rate of oyster under two different controlled conditions at a local aquaculture facility.  He worked through the summer months on his own and then completed a statistical analysis far beyond the scope of the AP Statistics course work.  He did not work this hard to compete in Intel, or Siemens, but only because he thought it was something he just wanted to know more about!  He enjoyed his research and has decided to go back to something he was interested in as a freshman…hurricanes.  He is a pleasure to work with and always brightens the research room with his presence!  Anyone who challenges themselves to learn more math and science just because they enjoy it, is truly a champ in my book!



13.  Mollie Drinkwater…nominated by Ms. Breen

      One remarkable story I would like to relate about Mollie involves a new student coming into class.  This young lady came from another state and her family was undergoing some difficult circumstances.  I paired her with Mollie as a lab partner, knowing that she would be treated with kindness and maturity.  Mollie assisted her in making up missed work and helped her to succeed in the class.  Mollie was not only lab partner, but became her first and later best friend in the district.  When the young lady had to move to another district later in the year, their tearful goodbye warmed my heart. 


14.  Harrison Cassetta… nominated by Ms. Dreyer

      Harrison enrolled in AP Chemistry with the disadvantage of not having taken Honors Chemistry.  He is motivated, but he struggles.  He comes 4-5 days a week at 7 a.m. and 10th periods almost daily to try to keep up with the work.  He is friendly to all and works well with everyone else in the class.  He didn’t have to take this class, but he is truly challenging himself and making the best of it.


15.  KeriAnn Murphynominated by Ms. Wittman

    KeriAnn is a young woman of true character and integrity.  Likewise, she is persistent, determined, committed, and dedicated.  Simply put, Keri refuses to ever accept less than her very best.  She understands and accepts the discipline and personal commitment required to consistently push and hit milestones, while also accepting disappointment and even defeat at times throughout this process.  After 20 years of teaching here at SHS and 17 years coaching, Keri is by far one of the most impressive, uplifting and passionate young women I have had the pleasure of working with.  She is a true champion!.


16.  Thomas Coan…nominated by Mr. Noonan

      Although Tom has struggled in the past, he has made great strides in demonstrating an increased level of maturity and has dedicated himself to being a model student.  Since coming into the Alternative School he has demonstrated day in and day out a commitment to being an exemplary student and person.  It is Tom’s hard work and strong commitment that has taken him from the student he was, to become the person he is.  This has been a remarkable achievement, and one which I feel should be recognized.


17.  Christopher Siracusa…nominated by Mr. Coon

      Chris is one of the best students.  His dedication to classroom activities and desire to help other students in class make it a joy to teach the CISCO 2 class.


18.  Austin Searles….nominated by Ms. Hart

     Austin’s quiet demeanor exhibits kindness, respectfulness, and integrity.  His genuine interest in history is to be commended.  Often, he will add an interesting fact or aspect to our class discussions.  Sayville High School is fortunate to have such a fine young man.  Of course, he makes teaching a pleasure!


19.  Gary Busto…nominated by Mr. Carbocci

      I had the pleasure of meeting Gary this year as he started his senior year by taking two of my Technology classes. He immediately impressed me with his maturity and respect for others. Gary consistently proved to be gracious and kind to others in the lab and to myself. Gary helped to enhance the experience for all of us in both of these classes, a true gentleman.



20.  Althea Bourdeau…nominated by Mr. Recker

      Thea Bourdeau is someone who lights up a room when she enters. However, that light stems from her innate goodness and caring personality, as well as, her radiant smile and cheerful demeanor.


21.  Zachary Sirico…nominated by Mr. Doller

        Zack has simply earned the respect of his peers, teachers and coaches due to his unyielding desire to improve, his sound work ethic, concern for his classmates and his ability to lead by example.  The manner in which Zack tackles life is most impressive, as he is humble by nature and shows no signs of arrogance.  Zack’s carefree and positive approach is contagious as it tends to influence others to follow the same path.  I am very proud of this young student athlete and eager to witness him mature even further. 


22. Brendan O’Toole…nominated by Ms. Dudick

     It’s a pleasure to nominate Brendan for Breakfast of Champions not only for his academic achievements, but for his athletic achievements and for his overall character.  Brendan should be noted for his integrity and honesty.  He is not afraid to ask for assistance, and he is willing to give assistance to his peers and teachers as well.  Brendan lights up my room with his humor, his charm and his presence.  He is truly deserving of this recognition.


23.  Patrick Vita….nominated by Ms. Dudick

      I have the pleasure to nominate Pat for the Breakfast of Champions.  Pat is well deserving of this honor.  He will come in before school, and/or stay after school to complete assignments and make up work.  Pat is very conscientious about his school work.  Patrick’s also my best questioner; He is very inquisitive and will ask questions about everything and anything, and that is a good thing!  Patrick always has a smile and a thank you for helping me when he leaves the classroom. Patrick always makes me laugh even when the day was less than laughable.  His smile, his laugh, his work ethic, and his integrity will ensure him the biggest wave of the century!