Middle School Holds NJHS Induction

A total of fifty-nine Sayville Middle School students joined the prestigious National Junior Honor Society during their recent induction ceremony.

NJHS is the leading organization that recognizes exceptional middle-level students who have successfully demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character throughout their Middle School years.

NJHS advisor Mrs. Lloyd-Matthews and Middle School Principal Thomas Murray welcomed the inductees and their families to the evening ceremony, while current society members assisted with the traditional proceedings. As each of the five attributes was reviewed in order, by Madison Gallagher (scholarship), Emily Sneddon (service), Lara Hirsh (leadership), Emily Perun (character), and Kimberly Manitto (citizenship), Rebecca Kranz lit the corresponding candle.

After current member Joseph O’Leary asked all the inductees to stand and recite the pledge, current members Travis Brown, Chelsea Burnside, Christian Maloney, Kaitlyn Ross and Savannah Votino called each inductee by name in alphabetical order to take the stage and receive their award certificates and handshakes from Mr. Murray and Mrs. Lloyd-Matthews.

Closing the ceremony with parting words, Mrs. Lloyd-Matthews reminded the new members that they are required to continue upholding the attributes of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character as they complete their years at the Middle School, while Mr. Murray commended the students for being the stars of the Sayville Middle School community.

 Congratulations to the following 2012 Candidates:

7th Grade Honor Society Candidates

Elizabeth Acierno

Kelsey Alber

Batsheva Apelbaum

Sean Barry

Kaylee Basil

George Bradley

Anna Brennan

Allyson Bricker

Andrew Cameron

Jack Coan

Taylor Corwin

Emma Davis

Mark Doucet

Michael Earvolino

Kristen Eichele,

Dillon Esposito-Kelley

Alec Fox

Gianna Fraccalvieri

Drew Geffner

Isabella Giovan

Caitlin Gormley

Elizabeth Gouvis

Luke Hession

Chase Hofmann

Jason Intermesoli

Taylor Kobel

Sarah Laterza

Ryan MacDevitt

Megan MacFarlane

Jennifer Marciano

Kelly Marra

Jack Marshall

Megan McElroy

Lauren McNeill

Griffin Mills

Gena Mizzi

Rebecca Mohrmann

Ryan Muscarella

Katherine Neuschwender

Emily Osterloh

Michael Pace

Daniel Palma

Kevin Peterson

Erin Peyton

Francis Reilly

Mackenzie Russ

Gianna Scoleri

Keith Sermier

Michael Steck

Robert Strain

Calista Tomasetti

Matthew Tomko

Fay Vail

Kathryn VanWickler

Jonathan Virga

Kalle Weik

Robert Ziegler

8th Grade Honor Society Candidates

Kevin Esposito

Rachel Zarett