The GOLDEN Bubble by Maria Bonacore

  • The Golden Bubble
    by Maria Bonacore

        Sayville is a bubble.  Other communities, and yes, even some members in this community view this as a negative.  However, we have an unbelievable amount of accomplishments here in our bubble that we should be nothing but proud of.  Sure we are a small town when it comes to size, but what makes us so outstanding is how we take advantage of this size.  Everyone has a role in this community, like a team. Our team is small in size, but great in power and ability.  Sayville is a big, small town.


              The way any team functions is through the contribution of its players.  This is where our size most benefits us.  It serves as our home field advantage.  What make our community so wonderful are the opportunities we have and the people who seize them.  The team hears about something, the team gets involved.  Each player brings ideas and concepts to lead this team to success.  An enormous contribution comes from our student population here at Sayville High School .  We, as teammates are so willing to maintain not only reputation, but also tradition.  We honor our traditions, while we originate new ones. We don’t just participate; we excel.  Whether it is academics, art, music, athletics or community service, this team is talented and constantly striving to succeed. 


              Every team has a season.  Our season may seem like it is coming to a close, but the truth is we are just getting started.  After today, the class of 2011 will begin playoffs.  We are being challenged.  As graduates of Sayville High School , we serve as captains of this team.  We will continue to make differences, just as we have done here.  Students here in Sayville don’t just attend school, we are the school.


              When each school year begins, and the leaves start to change, students cannot wait until fall events.  This is where many high school memories are made.  Between spirit week, class night, homecoming and our pep rally, all we would need is a few dance numbers in the hallway and we could have been "High School Musical 4". The great part about homecoming at Sayville High School is that it is not solely about the football game or the athletes.  Every student has the opportunity to bond amongst his or her class to build a float, get to know their class advisers, wear pajamas to school, and attempt to beat the seniors at class night events.  Emphasis on the “attempt”. 


    As a team, we have held bake sales for countless global disasters.  As a team, our outstanding theatrical talent emerges with our unbelievable sold-out plays.  As a team, groups of talented musicians practice for hours leading up to one stunning performance.  On that Friday night, called Band Night, these performers always leave the audience speechless, and deaf.  As a team, we have begun an extremely successful tradition of a fundraiser called Treadmill for the Troops.  Students and faculty have worked together to donate over $1,000 for our troops overseas. And we have not forgotten our past teammates who are currently fighting for our freedom.  Every December our team hosts a Christmas party to brighten the holidays for less fortunate students. “Events at Sayville High School ” is a list that is always growing, and a list that has given us the ultimate high school experience.  Whether you were wearing a golden flashes uniform, a band jacket, working in the Sayville library, painting the windows of shops on Main Street, or bundled up outside Stop and Shop ringing bells for the Salvation Army, nobody rides the bench on this team.


              Not only have we made difference in the classrooms here on Brook Street , but all around Sayville .  As a team, we were always playing.  And if we weren’t playing, we were practicing by forming together new ideas.  While we were here, we made our mark.  The jerseys we will forever wear are our pride.  We are proud to be a part of Sayville and all that we have done here.  Now this class is to utilize the leadership, knowledge, generosity and our overall experience, to take this next step.  A team does not function without participation.  Everyone in this town does something.  Involvement is what this town is all about.  Involvement is what makes this bubble, the best bubble on Long Island .


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