Lincoln Moving Up

  • Lincoln Avenue Moving Up


    For Just a Little While


    Six years, which involves approximately 538 sandwiches with the crusts cut just right,” enumerated Lincoln Avenue Principal Dr. Michele LeBlanc in her opening remarks, “389 forgotten library books often brought to school just in the nick of time, over 1,522 homework assignments—not including Science Fair projects and other projects—plus 3,060 days for you to remember to wear your sneakers for physical education days! We are proud of what all these children have accomplished and we are most thankful to all of you in the audience.”

    After Dr. LeBlanc recognized graduating parents, the PTA, its officers and volunteers who have contributed to the success of another school year, she focused on the purpose of their “Moving-Up” ceremony.

    In reviewing the various definitions of the words “moving and up,” Dr. LeBlanc preferred the musical definition in relation to this Fifth-grade class: “moving – the rhythmic or metrical structure of a poetic composition. I consider this group of fine students a poetic composition. Together, and individually, they are each beautiful works of art, who have developed skills and talents, growing at individual rates through the rhythmic structure of the last six school years.”

    Defining “up”, Dr. LeBlanc again used the alternate definition “up - with greater intensity, or pitch for this group as well, one which relates to the volume of this collective poetic composition that is seated before you.”

    Dr. LeBlance recognized the 101 students for their maturity, self-confidence, positive communication skills, their ability to create change for the better, and to work well with each other. She recognized how they have “aspired to accomplish both individual and collective goals.”  Calling upon Middle School Principal Thomas Murray, Dr. LeBlanc concluded her remarks by symbolically placing “the growth and intensity of this poetic composition, the Lincoln Avenue Fifth-grade class of 2011, in your hands, Mr. Murray.”   

    Mr. Murray assured the Lincoln Avenue Fifth-graders that they will have fun learning at the Middle School and expected to see them all within three short years sitting at another Moving-Up ceremony at the Middle School. 

    Two students prepared their thoughts about how Lincoln has helped them grow. In “Hiding,” Sophie Fisher explained how she was so shy, but thanks to the encouragement of her teachers and peers she has learned to participate in so many activities. Jessica Dailey shared her successes in her essay “What Fifth-grade Means to Me.”

    Presentation of certificates by each of the Fifth-grade Teachers to their students, the announcements of the special awards (see below), and musical interludes of For Just A Little While and Rockin’ Lincoln preceded Dr. LeBlanc’s closing statements of thanks to all the Sayville Administrators as well as the Lincoln Avenue Fifth-grade teachers.

     Dr. LeBlanc’s final words, “Congratulations to the High School Class of 2018 and to the Lincoln Fifth-grade Class of 2011,” brought the Moving-Up ceremony to a satisfying close amid rousing cheers, whistles, and applause.









    GOLD AWARDS  for 2010-2011


                            Mr. Bombara’s Class                                   Mr. Campbell’s Class                                 

                            Hannah Bishop                                             Kayla Barone

                            Meghan Caraher                                          Jenna Deignan

                            Sean O’Halloran                                          Skylar Jackson

                            Christopher Pacia                                        William Klopp

                            Philip Rinaldi III                                          Katherine Post

                            Alicia Rivera                                                 Jacob Rossi

                            Julia Stueber                                                            Madeline Schaefer

                            Ryan Wilson

                            Justin Zegel


                            Mr. Dragotta’s Class                                                Mrs. Whitehurst’s Class


                            Emily Abrahall                                             Daniel Cliff

                            Ian Bard                                                         Richard Cotes

                            Jason Burns                                                  Hanna Decker

                            Jessica Dailey                                                           Sophie Fisher

                            Colleen McGrath                                         Katherine Gennosa

                            Ryan O’Connell                                           Ava McNevin

                            Kaitlin Weber                                               Gabriele Thornton


    SILVER AWARDS for 2010-2011


                            Mr. Bombara’s Class                                   Mr. Campbell’s Class


                            Dea Ahlgrim                                                 Angelo Munoz

                            Aidan Morrell


                            Mr. Dragotta’s Class                                                Mrs. Whitehurst’s Class


                            Aleksander Azarov                                       Kalista Alfano

                            Jeremy Bruno                                               Reece Pena   




    Richard Cotes

    Philip Rinaldi III




    Jeremy Bruno




    Gavin Syska

    Victoria Fuori






    Hannah Bishop-Mr. Bombara

    Meghan Caraher-Mr. Bombara

    Robert Papandrew-Mr. Bombara

    Ryan Wilson-Mr. Bombara


    Matthew Danielson-Mr. Campbell

    Antonio Rojas-Mr. Campbell

    Madeline Schaefer-Mr. Campbell

    Matthew Wallace-Mr. Campbell


    Emily Abrahall-Mr. Dragotta


    Nathan Bauland-Mrs. Whitehurst

    Hanna Decker-Mrs. Whitehurst

    Heaven Estein-Mrs. Whitehurst

    Joshua Ojeda-Mrs. Whitehurst

    Grace Scribner-Mrs. Whitehurst

    Gabriele Thornton-Mrs. Whitehurst



    Mr. Bombara’s Class


    Bella Coan, Kyla Downey, Grace Johnston, Aidan Morrell, Christopher Pacia,

    Philip Rinaldi, Alicia Rivera


    Mr. Campbell’s Class


    Kayla Barone, Otto Cooley, Victoria Creviston, Jenna Deignan, Maria Fiorillo,

    Skylar Jackson, Michael McCabe, Aidan McEnerney, Angelo Munoz,

    Thomas Quintana, Jacob Rossi, Justin Sgroi, Leah Tama


    Mr. Dragotta’s Class


    Aleksander Azarov, Kellianne Barrera, Carly Bishop, Jeremy Bruno, Emma Doxsee, Aidan Kolar, Mackenzie Leddy, Zachary Liotta, Colleen McGrath, Anthony Medile, Ryan O’Connell, Jake Unger, Kaitlin Weber


    Mrs. Whitehurst’s Class


    Kalista Alfano, Christopher Cocomero, Charles Crawford, Noah Divinsky,

    Katherine Gennosa, Kiera Golon, Paige Harrold, John Robilotto