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Sunrise Moving Up

  • Class of Compassionate Students

    Moves Up from Sunrise Drive

    Sunrise Drive was the first Moving-Up held in the Old Junior High auditorium on a perfect morning that coincided with the first day of summer.


    After God Bless America was sung by the students, Principal Rose Castello welcomed everyone. She recalled how six years ago, some of the kindergartners may have been nervous, but soon they learned that Sunrise was a safe, loving, and exciting place. They also made many friends and have grown physically and emotionally. Mrs. Castello introduced Middle School Principal Thomas Murray who assured the soon-to-be sixth-graders that they will have fun at the Middle school. “You will learn, you will have great trips. Be prepared, and also be prepared to have fun.”


    Citing examples of good works performed by Sunrise Drive students, Principal Castello mentioned the “young lady” who “gave up every lunch period and collected over $700 worth in spare change for the tsunami and earthquake victims in Japan; or, “the boy who sold lemonade outside his house to raise money for the American Heart Association in memory of his dad. He collected $1,500.” Mrs. Castello also included the students who served in the Safety Patrol during arrival and dismissal times, the student council members who created blankets for homeless children, collected clothing for those less fortunate, held a dance to raise money for the victims of disasters, or shared their good fortune by collecting 1,043 pounds of food for Long Island Cares.


    “These students, your children, have definitely made a difference! A difference here in Sunrise Drive, in Sayville, and to people they will never meet….We are very proud of all of our students and know they will continue to make a difference.”


    While many students were recognized for their willingness to help others during a prior awards ceremony on Flag Day, during the Moving-Up Ceremony five students were recognized for qualities of good character, citizenship, leadership, and service to others by our state and local politicians. Presiding Officer of Suffolk County Legislature, William J. Lindsay was present to award the Presiding Officer’s Award to Carleigh O'Donoghue. After, Mrs. Castello called up Moira Mahoney to receive the N.Y. State Comptroller’s Award, both Nicholas Moosa and Noelle Dufrenoy to receive the Triple C, and Olivia Anderson to receive the Suffolk County Executive Award


    In addition, the students who achieved the Presidential Academic and Physical Fitness Awards, Triple “C” winners, NYS Comptroller Award, NYS Presiding Officers Award winner were named and called to the stage (see list below).


    Once the awards were announced, Mrs. Castello asked the parents who would also be Moving Up to stand. Then she thanked them for all they have done, “… for being great partners in education, we will miss you!” In her additional parting remarks for all the parents, Mrs. Castello advised them to “continue to be a good role model for your children, ask the difficult questions, know where your children are, who they are with, and what they are doing. Yes, they will resent it. Somewhat—but it is one way to continue to protect them.”


    At the conclusion of the ceremony, Mrs. Castello acknowledged Sayville Administrators  for their support and thanked the entire teaching staff of Sunrise Drive who have touched the lives of the children and who were represented by the select staff members present at the Moving-Up Ceremony.


    Mrs. Castello’s final words were saved for “these fine Fifth-graders. I am so proud of all of their accomplishments. I will miss them. I know I will hear great things about them because they are ‘doers.’” Hoping they will stop and visit, Mrs. Castello referenced their third grade lessons about the beautiful butterflies, and encouraged the students to accept the changes at the Middle School. “You too will go through many changes as well, but know the results you get are well worth your efforts.”


    Celebrations in song included the lilting performance of Children of the Universe directed by Miss Allen, followed by the Sunrise Drive school song Sunrise Drive You Are the One, composed by Mrs. Amy Baron, and which the current Fifth-graders first performed six years ago in kindergarten on their Flag day ceremony.


    From the audience of relatives and friends, many tearful eyes and sniffles were soon replaced by rousing applause for jobs well done. 

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