Crafty Fundraiser at Middle School

  • Crafty Fundraiser for Food Pantry

    Knits Middle School Community Efforts


    The fundraiser was a interweaving of a variety of efforts at the Middle School.


    It started with the manufactured products, created once again by the amazing students in Mrs. Galima's "Crafted With Love Knit and Crochet Lunch Club," who worked their needles and made real magic with “cookie” magnets. While some of these cookies resembled the standard Oreos, the students did not limit themselves to cookie-cutting thinking. Rather, many students customized the cookie concept with sport teams logos, school colors, spring and summer themes, and so many other creative color combinations. 


    The next step was marketing; Knit and Crochet Lunch Club Members decided upon the prices, marketing strategies, and composed announcements and posters.  


    Before the products could be sold, however, there had to be quality control. With the assistance of both Mrs. Nintzel who helped the club hot glue the magnets and cookies together, and the students in Mrs. Pagano's class, who ensured that the magnets stuck, the crafted items were definitely ready for retail!


    During the lunch periods, the crochet cookie magnets, as well as handcrafted scrunchies, were put on sale, earning over $450.00. The Middle School/High School PTA stepped in and brought the total up to an even $500.00 for the Greater Sayville Food Pantry.  Everyone had a hand in making the fundraiser a success!


    “In the fall,” Mrs. Galima said with her usual enthusiasm, “more cookies will be available to continue raising money for the Sayville Food Pantry!  The club members are also working on granny square blankets which will be donated to Petit LeFleur, as in previous years.  Preemie hats and scarves and hats will also be donated in the fall to foster homes and hospitals.  The club would like to thank family members for their donations making this fundraiser so successful!“