Sunrise SEED Compete Science Challenge

  • Sunrise Drive SEED Students

    Compete in Kids' Science Challenge


    Through the SEED program, Sayville School District expands classroom learning and opens worlds of possibilities for both our students and staff. 


    One such example is the recent Kids’ Science Challenge accepted by several of our Sunrise Drive SEED students, under the direction of Mrs. Dwyer. “The Kids’ Science Challenge,” as it states on its website, “is a nationwide annual competition for Third to Sixth graders.” To participate in this year’s contest, individual students or teams had to register and submit before the February deadline an idea, question, or problem for a participating scientist to solve. “The student or team judged to have the most original entry in each science topic will be selected as a winner and will have the opportunity to work directly with a scientist. “


    After viewing the video clips for each topic: Sensational Sounds, Super Stuff for Sports, and Magical Microbes, the Sunrise Drive SEED students submitted their entries. 


    When the winners were announced in May at, Douglas Read, a Sunrise Drive Fifth-grader in Mrs. Athan’s class, received an email he couldn’t believe. “At first my mom thought that the e-mail was Spam,” Douglas said. “But then it said I was a finalist, and they asked for a picture of me that they could put on their website.”  


    “Douglas proposed making sports equipment,” Mrs. Dwyer explained, “by using microbes to make plastic from yeast, rather than the harmful plastics being used today that take years to break down. You can view Douglas & the other finalists at:   While Douglas didn’t win the grand prize, a trip to have a scientist work on his experiment, he’s hoping that the Kid’s Science Challenge will send him a microscope* from the assortment of prizes listed on their prize page.  Congratulations to Douglas!”  


    Also at Sunrise Drive, congratulations go to Owen Ifferte, Fourth-grade SEED student in Mrs. Donnelly's class, who submitted an entry in the Sensational Sounds category. His drawing was chosen for the Kid's Choice Awards Drawing Gallery. “That means you can vote for Owen's drawing as a favorite, and maybe he will also win a cool prize.  Please take a moment to support Owen by voting for his drawing, which is #7,” Mrs. Dwyer added. Voting ends next month, so vote soon! 

     *Douglas received more than the telescope he wanted.  All of the prizes below were awarded to him:


    • Helmet from K2. High performance, lightweight helmet from k2. Can be used in a wide variety of sports and activities. 
    • Microscope
      From Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories.
      Now you will have your own microscope to explore all sorts of materials forever!
    • Polymers
      From Academy of Science for Kids
      . Make a model of a polymer, perform a cool magic trick, experiment with a liquid (or is it a solid?), make secret messages on stretchy polymers, make some snow, experiment with packing peanuts, and more.
    • TK2 Scope
      From Thames and Kosmos
      . Embark on a guided journey through the microscopic world, revealing its hidden creatures and unseen structures with the new TK2 Scope.
    • Ooze
      From Steve Spangler Science.
      Enjoy squishy, oozing science fun with slime and goo in this great kit.
    • Outer Space Explorer
      From Dunecraft.
      Embark on your adventure into a Martian World with the Outer Space Explorer Set! This amazingly complete set contains 6 different polymers that are so astounding you will think they are from another planet.
    • Super Snow
      From Dunecraft.
      The Super Snow Bag of Knowledge comes with 84 grams of snow and a food coloring tablet! Contains lots of fun and educational experiment ideas.
    • EyeClops Night Vision Goggles
      From Jakks Pacific
      . Covert operations…nocturnal maneuvers…with EyeClops Night Vision, kids rule the night!