Pies of Relief for Scholarships

  • Thirteen “brave” Middle School Teachers participated in a Pie-Throwing fundraiser activity on April 13 to support the MS/HS PTA scholarship program. Middle School students paid $1 a chance to be selected as a pie-thrower.


    On the day of the event, the teachers took their seats in a long row of chairs before the entire assembly of students gathered in the gym. Demonstrating the value of being prepared, the teachers were dressed in protective smocks and goggles (some even wore headgear) and were models of quiet patience while Principal Tom Murray demonstrated the proper (and not-so proper) way to hand deliver the pies. Once the student names were drawn from the “lottery,” the real fun began.


    To defend themselves against the inevitable, the teachers had written a witty statement or humorous warning on poster paper which they displayed for all to read right before being “pie-d.”  Undaunted by the teachers’ messages, however, the students eagerly delivered the whipped cream pies while the assembly roared with laughter and cheers. Sharing in a good-natured hug afterwards, many of the “pie-d” teachers cleverly "re-gifted" their whip cream with the surprised student pie-thrower—making everyone laugh louder and harder.


    Within the half-hour of the activity, all the students thoroughly enjoyed the pie experience and the teachers had helped raise more than $450 for student scholarships.

    During such economically challenged times, the MS/HS PTA greatly appreciated the  relief efforts the staff made that assisted the scholarship fund. 


    Special thanks go to the teachers listed below:


    Patty Sidnam

    Danielle Lutz

    Mrs. O'Hoppe

    Mrs. Alessi

    Mrs. Chamberlain

    Mr. Biscari

    Dr. Morgo

    Mrs. Krauth

    Mr. Meier

    Mr. Murray

    Mrs. Urso

    Mr. Durnin

    Mrs. Iannacchino