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Elementary Relief Efforts

  • Sayville Elementary Students React with Relief Efforts



    Responding to the threefold disaster that struck Japan, the students and communities of Sunrise Drive, Cherry Avenue, and Lincoln Avenue found unique ways to fundraise for relief.


    At Sunrise Drive, the students wanted to do something for the victims in Japan, so with the help of the fourth- and fifth-grader members of the student council, they organized a bake sale for Go-To-School Night, and raised a total of $445 in one night. All baked goods were donated by the student council members and their families. In addition, Sunrise Drive had a “penny” collection, that so far has amounted to $745. With their efforts still ongoing, the Student Council will be submitting their entire donation for Japan relief once all the funds have been collected.


    At Cherry Avenue, the entire school community got onboard with a Lend a Hand to Japan campaign, raising funds to make donations to the American Red Cross. Third-grade teacher Mrs. Geraldine Batterberry spearheaded the campaign and invited participation. For a (suggested) donation of $1, each student planted a colorful handprint on a special wall,to literally lend a hand, and raised $1,205 for the American Red Cross.


    At Lincoln Avenue, Third-grade teacher Mrs. Janet Cozza enlisted the entire community with the 15-day coin collection for the American Red Cross and raised over $1,000, although they are still counting! In addition, the students have been creating artwork to cheer up the Japanese children, displaced by the disaster, with messages of hope and beauty.  

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