OSCARS at Cherry Avenue


    The Sayville elementary students had so much fun at the 4th Annual Oscars at  Cherry Avenue that they didn’t know they were fulfilling the New York State standards for public speaking and developing better self-esteem.


    Cherry Avenue Hosts Their 4th Annual Oscars

    Oh my gosh! Somebody PINCH me! I can’t believe I won this award!” One young starlet exclaimed into the microphone upon receiving her award. “I know they’re plastic, but they mean so much!”



    The “Oscars” have meant so much to the Cherry Avenue community, that once again, the red carpet was enthusiastically rolled out to welcome the new group of Third-graders to the glamor and glory of the Annual Oscar Award Ceremony.  


    Before the ceremonies, each Third-grade nominee, arrayed in dazzling attire and award-winning personalities, processed past awed spectators who stood behind the gold ropes. Through the artfully decorated doorway, life-sized posters of golden Oscar flanked the garland-garnished stage.


    Taking center stage for a glittering opening number, all the Oscar-nominated performers sang “Let Me Entertain You” to the crowd of family members in the audience, encouraging everyone to “En-jooooy—the—show!”


    Who wouldn’t? With the witty remarks of Hostess of Ceremonies, Mrs. Geraldine Batterberry, and the adorable faces of each Oscar recipient called to the stage, the event was indeed a special time. “To honor our students, for being such wonderful citizens of Cherry Avenue School,” Mrs. Batterberry explained to the assembly, “we thought to ourselves as teachers; how can we reward this excellent hard work? How can we show them how much we appreciate all their commitment to do their best work each and every day? Then, it hit us. These students are just the best of the best, the cream of the crop—they’re Oscar-award winning students!”


    Every Third-grader proved to be a winner for one attribute or other (see list below).  Votes for each category had been cast in advance of the ceremony by the students and their teachers. 


    Among the awards distributed to special adults during the ceremony, Superintendent Dr. Walter Schartner was named Best Producer, and after humbly accepting his award, he thanked all the students and their parents for their dedication. For Best Role Model and Stunt Man on Set, Principal Dr. Stimmel expressed his gratitude for his award with a question; "How great is my job? Yesterday I get pie in the face, today, I win an Oscar!" Schools' Choreography Award went to Mrs. Woerner: "She sings, she dances, she makes all of us laugh all the time," and orchestrates everything behind the scenes.


    Behind the scenes of the fanfare and spectacle, the Cherry Avenue Oscars have actually promoted public speaking and helped develop a sense of self-esteem in each of the students. Several years ago, Third-grade teacher Mrs. Batterberry launched this creative activity to fulfill the New York State Standards for public speaking and enlisted the assistance of her Third-grader colleagues Mrs. Donnelly, Mrs. Fulton, and Mrs. Falco, along with the support of Principal Dr. John Stimmel and their indispensible music teacher Kristi Woerner, Now, the annual extravaganza has become a greatly anticipated highlight of the Cherry Avenue community.  



    After each Third-grade teacher, bedecked in feather boas and tiaras, announced the category, the named winners took the stage and gave speeches thanking the important people in their lives. Although most had kind words of gratitude (“Thank so much! I am so honored to receive this award.”) for the parents siblings, grandparents, and teachers who got them thus far, some more unique statements included:


    Oh my goodness! I’m in shock! If I am dreaming, don’t wake me up!”

    “This is awesome!”

    “I am so happy, I might cry!”

    “Thank you! No need for roses. This little golden guy is enough for me!”

    “I am so happy to have won this golden statue!”

    “I tried my best to get this award!”

    “If you haven’t won an Oscar, at least your kid is getting an Oscar!”

    “I can’t believe this is happening to me…it’s the best day of my life!”

    “I always hoped and dreamed that I would win my own Oscar, but now it is actually happening!”

    “What is gold, shiny,… and makes me feel special ? This! My VERY OWN OSCAR!!!”


    Thanks to the efforts of the Cherry Avenue educators, these Oscar ceremonies may be just the beginning of careers in public speaking for many of the rising stars who seemed already well prepared for the big stage of life. Congratulations to you all!





    2011 Oscar Winners:


    Mrs. Batterberry’s Class


    Best Leading Attitude:  Lauren Perez and Jayna Catlina

    Best Set Design:  Liam Cummings and  Mia Franzese       

    Best Supporting Speller: Jake Newall and Christopher Tapan

    Best Script:  Aidan Arnesen and Gianna Ferrarra

    Best Screenplay: Olivia O’Shaughnessy and Tara Donohue

    Leading Man: Michael Corwin

    Leading Lady: Alexa Vargas

    Outstanding Behavior: Caitlin Keiglian and Nicholas Ryan

    Best Director: Samantha Elton and Brendan D’Andrea

    Math Action Star: Luke Santoro, Kevin Gross and Barry O’Brien

    Director’s Assistant: Bailey Lillis, Sydney Mulry and Matthew Malone


    Teacher’s Name:  Karen Donnelly


    Best Leading Attitude: Hailey Cutrone, Connor Smalley

    Best Set Design:  Emily Lico, Morgan Peres

    Best Supporting Speller:  Harrison Berg, Christopher Quartuccio

    Best Script : Olivia Lynch, Elizabeth Argenziano

    Best Screenplay: Brock Murtha

    Leading Man: Rider Westerberg, Samuel Sinacori

    Leading Lady: Julianna Ettorre, Mallory Kassman

    Outstanding Behavior: Eric Antos, Krista Birong

    Best Director: Liam Davidson, Isabelle Byrne

    Math Action Star : Thomas Schilling, Nicholas Virga

    Director's Assistant: Billy Pelletier, Jillian Wilson

    Teacher’s Name:  Mrs. Fulton


    Best Leading Attitude: Sean Bayne and Isabella Harris

    Best Set Design:  Dylan Westerbeke and Ashley Sappe

    Best Supporting Speller:  Christopher Delaney and Matthew Aracri

    Best Script: Thomas Nolan

    Best Screenplay: Dino Michaelides and Joanna Ziegler

    Leading Man: Stephen Braun and Michael Connor

    Leading Lady : Isabella Arzt and Lauren Schutte

    Outstanding Behavior : Aidan Scura and John Downs

    Best Director : Steven Capp and Anna Crisalli

    Math Action Star : Mary Vermilyea and Arden DeCanio

    Director's Assistant  : Lindsey Grimes and Natalia Liberato



    Teacher’s Name:  Mrs. Falco


    Best Leading Attitude: Kimberly McCarthy, Billy Langhan

    Best Set Design:  Caitlin Reilly, Joshua D’Agostino

    Best Supporting Speller:  Mary Kate Mulligan

    Best Script - Lizzie Kiernan, Connor Reilly

    Best Screenplay- Harry Wessels, Marissa Dionisio

    Leading Man- Ryan Noone, Thomas Costa

    Leading Lady - Taylor Maddy, Molly Daly

    Outstanding Behavior- Madison Perez, Cameron Riccomini

    Best Director -Donny Ballan, Sarah Watters

    Math Action Star -Brendan Dillion, Lauren Flamenhaft

    Director's Assistant - Jenny Hichborn, Patrick Hession