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Recognizing Newest NJHS members

  • At the annual “electric candlelight” National Junior Honor Society ceremony,  forty-two Seventh-graders and an additional three Eighth-graders were inducted. These students were so honored for their exemplary qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship.


    Each has maintained an average of 95 or above for four quarters and each inductee had to submit a letter of application for membership. As they join the fifty-nine current Eighth-grade members of the NJHS, they also share in the promise to continue earning this membership by upholding their commitment to the exemplary qualities of character and conduct.


    In his first year as Middle School Principal, Mr. Tom Murray joined NJHS moderator Dawn Lloyd Matthews in complimenting the students for making the Middle School such an outstanding component of an excellent school district.


    Congratulations to the following Middle School Students who were inducted into the 2010 National Junior Honor Society:


    8th Grade Honor Society



    Joseph Cunningham

    Justine Odierna

    Anthony Vetere


    7th Grade Honor Society


    1. Angelica Albanese
    2. Jared Bergen
    3. Travis Brown
    4. Jillian Brudi
    5. Nicholas Burkel
    6. Chelsea Burnside
    7. Sean Caraher
    8. Nicole Farese
    9. Madison Gallagher
    10. Shaina Garrett
    11. Christine Guinessey
    12. Kathleen Herbst
    13. Lara Beth Hirsch
    14. Melissa Hunter
    15. Alex Jones
    16. Elias Kalomiris
    17. Rebecca Kranz
    18. Ryan Luciano
    19. Daniel Lumley
    20. Christian Maloney
    21. Jamie Meere
    22. Amanda Minutello
    23. Jamie Monaco
    24. Eileen Monahan
    25. Kimberly Monitto
    26. Jack Novak
    27. Shane O’Donoghue
    28. Joseph O’Leary
    29. Matthew Oskey
    30. Emily Perun
    31. Elizabeth Pigott
    32. Bridget Pitre
    33. Samantha Robinson
    34. Michael Rolland
    35. Kaitlyn Ross
    36. Jack Saracino
    37. Alexandra Severin
    38. Emily Sneddon
    39. Joseph Tristano
    40. Sean Velazquez
    41. Savannah Votino
    42. Daria Zeman


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