Middle School Teacher Educator of the Month

  • Educator of the Month

    Recognized For Going

    Above and Beyond


    Dowling College Dean of Education Dr. Clyde Payne visited Sayville Middle School to honor Mrs. Jean Galima with the prestigious Educator of the Month Award for her tireless service to her students.


    Cited as an educator who consistently "goes above and beyond, ” Mrs. Galima was nominated for the award, which is cosponsored by Dowling College and News12, by Superintendent Walter Schartner (who as the former Middle School Principal supervised Mrs. Galima) and Deputy Superintendent Dr. Sullivan Keck.


    Enumerating all Mrs. Galima’s contributions, both visible and invisible, since she joined the district over 15 years ago, might not be possible, but some of her tangible successes include:

    • Inspiring her struggling writing-skills students to reach their goals;
    • Motivating her Gifted and Talent students through creative SEED activities;
    • Forming a Pen Pal Exchange with students in Japan;
    • Orchestrating a Soldier Letter-Writing Campaign for our military overseas;
    • Showcasing the crafts and musical talents of students at local nursing homes;
    • Launching the Knitting and Crochet Club held during her lunch periods, which has yielded blankets, preemie hats, scarves, and other hand-crafted items for donations to local hospitals;
    • Developing curriculum for writing programs, communication skills classes, and the gifted programs including integrating technology; and
    • Volunteering as a Mentor for students at risk.


    While presenting this award, Dr. Payne noted that “Long Island is known for its superior schools, so when you find an Educator of the Month who is superior on Long Island, this person must be very outstanding!”  With her passion for writing and teaching Mrs. Galima reaches “students in grades sixth through eighth, she motivates the struggling students in her Writing Skills Class as well as the gifted and talented students she mentors. She is a major reason why Sayville Middle School has been selected as an Essential Schools to Watch.”


    For a two- or three-week period, News12 will feature Mrs. Galima in the Educator of the Month segment during regular program breaks, and in June, she will attend a dinner honoring her and the other 2010—2011 Educators selected this year.


    Congratulations, Mrs. Galima!


    In previous years, several Sayville teachers who have also received this honor are Mrs. Maria Brown (Science), Mr. Neil Bernstein (Music), and Walker Hall (Social Studies).  Truly, Sayville School District has been gifted with outstanding educators.

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