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    Results Are Just a Click Away

    Lincoln Avenue First-graders received good marks for demonstrating new classroom technology at a recent Board Meeting. 

    During the January Board of Education meeting, six Lincoln Avenue First-grade students gave an amazing presentation that began with each one showing how certain holidays are celebrated in different nations. With confidence acquired through practice, the First-graders both informed and amused the board and the audience with their careful descriptions and hand-made props. After each student finished his or her report, a ripple of appreciative “aahs” and generous applause followed.

    However, the demonstration did not end with the students’ reports. Rather, the Board was about to be tested with the new “student-response system” technology that would gauge how well each member listened to the students.

    This eInstruction Classroom Performance System, which has been introduced in each of the district’s elementary buildings, is cutting edge. Using hand-held devices or “clickers,” students have been taught to respond to a variety of prepared questions that can be set up as multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, and ranking. There is even capability for creating advanced numeric- and 140 text-entries that allows flexibility in test writing and delivery, including types used in math and science. Many of the Sayville elementary teachers have already been trained how to utilize this new classroom technology.

    As stated on its website, eInstruction’s® Classroom Performance System™ (CPS™) “helps to facilitate greater student-teacher interaction in a fun, dynamic learning environment that encourages class discussion and participation. Students who normally remain silent in class now answer every question with confidence. Real-time assessment data can be captured to instantly identify individual learning needs and alter instruction as needed.”

    Although Lincoln Avenue First-grade teacher Mrs. Susan Chaskin had collaborated with Lincoln Avenue Principal Dr. Michele LeBlanc and Coordinator of Instructional Technology Barbara Hall to customize the questions for the students’ Holiday presentation, Dr. LeBlanc explained that the eInstruction’s® CPS™ could just as easily align with State standards and assessments, which is one of the program’s valued outcomes.

    Replying to the mock test questions, the Board of Education Members obviously enjoyed using the student-response devices, and were pleasantly pleased—maybe even a little surprised—to learn everyone passed with flying colors. 

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