Learning Internet Laws




    Warning many students about the legal repercussions of cyberbullying, illegal music downloads, or personal-information uploads may fall on deaf ears, but not in Mrs. Galima’s SEED and Communication Skills classes.  Thanks to two separate but equally focused programs, Mrs. Galima’s Middle School students are becoming experts.

    Through this year’s ongoing SEEDling project, the students have been researching different fields of law with “Classroom Inc.’s” computer-simulated program called West End Law. The SEED students discovered there is a great need to establish better guidelines in the new areas of Cyber Law and Internet Law which are both still in their infancy.

    The SEED students were also learning the criteria for becoming a lawyer, as well as which schools specialize in law and the kinds of required exams.  

    Working both individually and in teams, the students researched legal terms for reference and shared case stories from their readings. Visiting the NYS Juror site led them to links for law activities, games, and quizzes about legalities that rendered a better understand of the legal world. The SEEDlings also benefited from an increased vocabulary of SAT words and interdisciplinary trivia competitions that have broadened their knowledge base dramatically!


    When Sayville staff developer Mr. Frank Franzese visited Mrs. Galima's Sixth-grade Communication Skills classes to instruct them on enhancing their PowerPoint presentations, he also discussed music copyright laws.  Answering many of the students’ extremely sophisticated questions, he clarified the legal limitations for downloading music. 

    Not only was Mr. Franzese impressed with the Sixth-graders knowledge and abilities, he expressed his delight in seeing so many familiar faces again; He had met and worked with many of the students when they were in the elementary grades.

    Since Sixth-grade students learn about plagiarism and its repercussion, Mr. Franzese’s information assisted them in recognizing the fine lines that must not be crossed and how the students might legally gain access to music for their PowerPoints.  After, Mr. Franzese reviewed Soundzabound and gave the students some wonderful shortcuts to ensure the legal use of music throughout their presentations.