It's Really No Chore At Cherry Avenue

  • It’s Really No Chore.

    Mrs. Metzler's Students Gladly Volunteer

    For the Giving Tree


    At this time of year, Cherry Avenue community participates in the wonderful tradition of the Giving Tree, but in Mrs. Sue Metzler’s First-grade class, the Giving Tree is a class project.


    On a strictly volunteer basis, Mrs. Metzler offers any of her students who wish to participate the opportunity to do household chores for their families. These volunteers discuss with their parents which chores they can do at home for which they might earn money. 


    If the parents consent to this voluntary arrangement, the children then save this earned money to be donated as a class to those less fortunate.  The entire class totals the donations earned by the volunteers and selects items to be purchased by the whole class from the Giving Tree.  After, Mrs. Metzler buys the gifts and brings them to school for her class to wrap for the Tree.


    “After some creative shopping,” Mrs. Metzler said about this year’s project, “we purchased and wrapped six outfits for children in our community.  We were able to purchase additional clothing that was beyond the original request!”


    Mrs. Metzler's First-grader were so excited about making a difference in the lives of others, they earned an amazing $208 as a final total. That translates into a lot of good works, both in their own households and in the lives of families in need! 


    “I am so proud of my students and their willingness to take part in this project. Their kind and generous hearts will make a huge difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate,” Mrs. Meltzer declared. “I am honored to be the teacher of such fine students who are encouraged by such supportive parents.  Thank you for working with me and the students to make this possible.”


    Well done, First-graders, Mrs. Metzler, and families!!!

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