Steven Leshinger

  • Wrestling with a Promising Future


    Sayville Class of 2011 wrestler and academic scholar, Steven Leshinger built such a legacy in the sport, that it pinned his competition for a spot in the Ivy League wrestling program at Princeton University. Although also recruited by Brown, Davidson, Williams, Bucknell, Wesleyan, Boston University, and Johns Hopkins, Steven recently committed to wrestling for the Princeton Tigers next fall in their Division I program.


    With a weighted GPA of 101.2, and a rank of 16 out of 282, Steven has demonstrated his intelligence in the rigorous Honors and AP courses—despite an intensive 12-month wrestling schedule—landing him into the top ten percent of his class. In the wrestling arena, that same intelligence, combined with his skill and unwavering determination, has made him an amazing champion with accolades that include the following:


    -          Last year, Steven had a record 33-10, which placed him Second in League V and earned All-County Honors for placing Fourth in the Suffolk County Championships.

    -          Off-season, last year he placed Second and Third in the New York State Greco Roman and Freesyle Championships

    -          His off-season success earned him a competitive spot to compete with the best wrestlers in the country on both the New York Junior Dual Meet Team, Oklahoma City, and the New York State Freestyle and Greco Roman National Team which competed in the Asics/Vaughan Jr. National Tournament, Fargo, North Dakota. 


    Aside from his wrestling accomplishments, the content of Steven's character as a leader and role model has garnered him the highest praise from those who have watched him mature as a young man and an amazing champion. “Steven’s drive and determination to excel in all areas of his life is the reason for his success.” Wrestling Coach Gary Pesko stated with tremendous admiration. “The same determination Steven brings to his education—his drive to take the most challenging course of study possible—is best exemplified in his steadfast determination to seek out the best competition possible.  He knows what it takes to be at the highest level and continues to work hard to improve upon himself on a daily basis.”


    Coach Pesko cited examples: During wrestling season, Steven's dynamic work ethic has consistently motivated his teammates to train hard. In addition, Steven has inspired many to continue their off-season training to sustain their competitive edge. While at a recent training camp, Steven urged his teammates to run the mile uphill to their training session and overcome the inclination to make the “weary walk” as others at camp would do.


    “Coaching is a selfless profession where a true professional’s deepest aspiration is to shape one’s players into better people. I must admit that coaching a true leader and motivator like Steven is a selfish pleasure.” Coach Pesko remarked. “We live in a scheduled age where even the brightest children are often passengers in life.  Yet, Steven is a self-motivated, focused young man who takes the world on his shoulders each day in his quest to be his personal best.”

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