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Honored on Superintendent's Conference Day



    In Sayville School District (as with many school districts on Long Island), Election Day coincides with Superintendent’s Conference Day. 

    Although Sayville schools were closed for students, Sayville staff reported, and after attending a morning assembly where the district superintendent conferred with all district personnel, for the rest of the day Sayville faculty and staff reconvened into smaller groups for developmental workshops, departmental meetings, and a benefits fair.


    On his first Conference Day as Superintendent, Dr. Walter Schartner calmly welcomed the assembly in his address and frankly listed the current concerns that have changed the landscape of education today. While no quick solutions could be promised, Dr. Schartner reminded “the best education staff and the best supportive staff” that the district’s focus must be on what is best “for the kids,” and thanked everyone for “your continued dedication to all the students in Sayville School District.”


    “It is also my honor to recognize today certain people who have reached milestone years of service,” Dr. Schartner added to preface the 2010 Milestone Years of Service video presentation (see link below) that was prepared for Superintendent’s Conference Day. 


    the following people were honored and congratulated for

    Milestone Years of Service in 2010:


    • For 20 Years: Stephen Neugebauer, Regina Marinazzo, Richie Gonzalez, Elaine Dory, and Debra Abrams;
    • For 25 Years: Kathleen O’Brien and Lisa Gray;
    • For 30 Years: Patricia Warren, Timothy Southerton, Jean Pollak, Anne Marie Podlas, and Roberta Dudick;
    • For 35 Years: Joan Jetter; and
    • For 40 Years: Joan Jones.

    "It is with an especially deep sense of gratitude that we honor those employees of Sayville Public Schools who have shared their time, talents, and professional lives to enhance the school experience of our students and to enrich all of us with their presence in our lives."

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