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    Inherit the Wind


    “The right to think” was the message of this year’s Backstage Theatre production, Inherit the Wind, which was powerfully portrayed by the Sayville Players in two casts over four performance nights. 

    Long before the “ripped-from-the-headlines” disclaimer defined today’s dramatizations of current events, authors Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee manipulated the real elements of the much publicized science-versus-religion Scopes “Monkey” Trial (1925) to make their social comment. “We used the teaching of evolution as a parable,” Lawrence commented in 1996, “a metaphor, for any kind of mind control.” 


    The larger-than-life roles that would be the vehicle for this parable included the fictionalized versions of William Jennings Bryan, Clarence Darrow, John T. Scopes, and H. L. Mencken—big shoes to fill for a High School acting troupe comprised mostly of young ladies.


    In his opening remarks, Director Steve Hailey commented on the minimalist staging that would require audiences to grant the premise of a courtroom or street scene. Another concession that might surprise audiences would be the female actors filling some of the major male roles. Due to such a quantity of talented female actors available for both productions, Mr. Hailey decided to cast accordingly. “If Shakespeare could cast men in women’s roles, I don’t see any objection to casting women in men’s roles, as long as they have the necessary talent.” 


    Or big enough feet.


    Quick-witted dialogue, contrapuntal discourse, and lengthy debates about religion versus science (which the playwrights had lifted verbatim from the actual trial), could certainly have daunted high school students, no matter what their genders, but the Sayville Players delivered this tense courtroom drama with vigor, thoughtful pause, and robust stomp, leaving quite a sizable footprint in each performance.


    Congratulations to the cast and crew:



    * indicates membership in Sayville Players

    ** indicates also a member of the International Thespian Society

    Troupe #6416



    HOWARD KREBS:  * Caroline Pace


    MELINDA BLAIR:    Kaitlin McNamara


    RACHEL BROWN:   *Briana Gomez (W/F) & * Francesca Cascardo (T/S)


    MR. MEEKER:   **Alexis Skalkowski


    BERT CATES: **Derek Hartnett (W/F) & *James Harlin (T/S)


    STOREKEEPER: * Georgia Grant (W/F) & * Kiera Muscara (T/S)


    MRS. KREBS:  * Kimberly Miller


    REV. JEREMIAH BROWN: * Christian Brown


    JESSE H. DUNLAP: * Cassie D’Agostino (W/F) & * Melanie Anderson (T/S)


    MR. BANNISTER:  * Ronald Hiscock


    MR. PLATT:  Dina Netska


    ELIJAH: * Alivia Wesley (W/F) & *Anna Mizzi (T/S)


    E.K. HORNBECK: ** Kiera Muscara (W/F) &  *Georgia Grant (T/S)


    MAYOR:  * Qxiara Tomasetti


    MATTHEW HARRISON BRADY: * Melanie Anderson (W/F) & * Cassie D’Agostino (T/S)


    SARAH BRADY: Nicole Ferremi


    REPORTER:  ** Francesca Cascardo (W/F) & ** Briana Gomez (T/S)


    DAVENPORT:   ** Alyssa Coia


    HENRY DRUMMOND:  ** Anna Mizzi (W/F) & ** Alivia Wesley (T/S)


    JUDGE:   * Rachel Crennan


    GEORGE SILLERS:  * James Harlin (W/F) & * Derek Hartnett (T/S)


    HARRY Y. ESTERBROOK:  Dina Netska



    Production Staff

    * indicates membership in Sayville Players

    ** indicates also a member of the International Thespian Society

    Troupe #6416



    **Mr. Steven Hailey



    *Mr. Ken Van Essendelft



    *Mike LoPreto



    *Keith Frislid



    *Samantha Litter



    *Chuck Verbeck



    *Katherine Palma

    *Samantha Ruta



    *Michael Forsberg



    *Allison Cromwell



    Production Crews

    * indicates membership in Sayville Players

    ** indicates also a member of the International Thespian Society

    Troupe #6416



    *Kayleigh Brennan

    *Christian Brown

    Julia Cameron

    *Dan Esposito

    *Keith Frislid

    Joe Giardina

    *Dan Knappe

    *Dan Koehler

    *Samantha Litter

    *Michael LoPreto

    *Emily McClellan

    Katie McCurdy

    Kaitlyn McNamara

    Michael Millwater

    **Anna Mizzi

    Erin Murphy

    Emily Nowlan

    Lorelei Olk

    Alicia Protus

    *Renee Reilly

    *Chuck Verbeck

    *Amanda Verdone

    Angela Vetere



    *Christian Brown

    *Michael Forsberg

    *Dan Koehler

    **Anna Mizzi

    *Chuck Verbeck


    SMS Apprentices


    Mackenzie Burns

    Dan Forsberg

    Steven Giardina

    Annah Murphy

    J.D. Verbeck

    Kaitlyn Wandelt





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