Mrs.Dwyer on Education Committee of NAGC

  • Congratulations Mrs. Cindy Dwyer, Sayville’s Elementary Enrichment Facilitator!
    Mrs. Dwyer was recently appointed to the Education Committee of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC).  Each spring, the NAGC Board of Directors issues an open call for interested and qualified individuals.  The online “application to serve” gathers information about  the educator's interests, involvement, and experience in gifted education.  Committee appointments are made in the Fall, after review by the Leadership Development Committee and Board approval.  Terms of service runs for three years.  The role of the education committee is to define, create, and monitor NAGC’s education outreach and professional development opportunities.  Mrs. Dwyer also serves as the editor of the NAGC Creativity network’s newsletter.


    Mrs. Dwyer's contributions to Sayville School District has been quite impressive. Last school year, she taught thirty-two 4th- and 5th-grade SEED students in the gifted programs, 186 students at all three elementary schools who qualified for the Challenge Enrichment program because they were highly motivated and possessed a strong work ethic, and 252 mathematically inclined students  in grades 3 through  6 in the Mathletes program.


    In addition to her district work, Mrs. Dwyer co-founded a Gifted Education Network that interfaces with  other teachers of gifted programs for linking up and sharing ideas.  "Membership is free," Mrs. Dwyer explained, "and we've had two events so far, hosted by Seatuck Environmental Association at the Suffolk County Environmental Center."


    This summer Mrs. Dwyer also taught two out of the four required graduate-level courses given at Touro College in Manhattan towards gifted education certification for teachers.