BOE President Deborah VanEssendelft

  • Board of Education President Deborah Van Essendelft greeted the graduates and praised them for utilizing the array of opportunities at the High School. "I have had the privilege of watching you grow into leaders on the athletic field, artists at juried art shows, and musicians performing at All-State festivals. You’ve done significant scientific research and produced your own plays. You are dedicated scholars with poets among you. We have environmentalists, computer wizards, and builders for Habitat for Humanity.You have demonstrated you are a class of people who care about the world and about each other."

    "My wish to you as you leave our care." the Board President said, "Go out to find what lights you up. Life is a maze of opportunities—every one of them a learning experience." Urging the graduates to continue searching for new opportunities throughout life, Mrs. Van Essendelft noted that the "ultimate opportunity" no matter what vocation chosen, is the opportunity "to make a difference."

    Quoting biographer Albert Pines’ famous lines "What we have done for ourselves, dies with us. What we have done for others in this world remains and is eternal," Mrs. Van Essendelft hoped the Class of 2010 would consider this and "PAY IT FORWARD… As you leave this ceremony you may be thinking of what you will make of your life. Everyone else is thinking of what you will make of the world. No one knows what talents exist among us. Here today may be some of the truly great business, professional, political, and humanitarian leaders of tomorrow. It’s now up to you."

    In conclusion, Mrs. VanEssendelft advised, "So, never stop learning; believe in yourself even when you think nobody else does; treat others the way you want to be treated. Decide to be happy and find a way, please, no matter how small, to make a difference! Congratulations, Class of 2010."

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