Response for the Class by President

  • Class of 2010 President Conor Fucci opened his Response for the Class by telling his classmates: "I won’t stand up here today and tell you how awesome you all are for graduating high school. You know you’re awesome."

    Conor briefly reminisced about their past together since 2006. "We had no idea what was in store for us. Besides watching reruns of Saved by the Bell, our ideas of high school were quite unclear. .... We entered knowing Math A and left with Calculus, came in with old friends and left with new ones. It is obvious that high school has changed us."

    The Class President had the yearlong opportunity to observe his fellow classmates. Conor expressed his appreciation for their diversity, ranging from those with abilities to create "spectacular" works of art to their reactions on the last official day of school: "Some of us jumped and screamed in jubilation, shouting ‘Get me out of here!’ Some walked out with somber expressions, some with tears, and some were completely apathetic… We’re all different. We have extraordinary abilities inside of us waiting to burst through."

    Reluctant to overstep his authority, ("Who is Fucci to give me advice on life? What possible life experiences can he have had that I haven’t?"), Conor offered advice which he felt was important. "Life is about our experiences…we’ve all had different experiences, but in the same place. I can tell you what it’s like to be President of the class, but I can’t make you feel it. You can tell me what it’s like to be a baritone, a state champ, a sculptor, a sailor or even a king, but you can’t make me feel it. It’s about… being able to relate by actually doing. Hearing about things can only take us so far."

    Whether their futures might involve the work force, the armed services, or higher education, Conor urged his fellow graduates to work hard and persevere, as this will make "the difference between success and just doing enough to get by. Believe in yourself." He then summed up their diverse emotions with a quote from Dr. Seuss: "Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened."

    With the "sad truth" that a lifetime will separate them, Conor hoped to "see many of you... at an art show, a political forum, a concert, or even ruling the world." Directing his class to remove the paper Burger King crowns taped—thanks to Mr. Doug Shaw—to the back of each of their seats, he gave one final presidential order: "Begin to rule the world!" A sea of golden crowns replaced many mortarboards among the delighted graduates.

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