Buderman Says Goodbye

  • So Long, Farewell

    Buderman Says Goodbye


    Trying to keep an entire school hush, hush about the planned send-off was no easy task. Yet, Sayville High School Principal Joseph Buderman was indeed surprised on his last official day by the Friday afternoon program that closed the school day and his 38-year career. Greeted in the packed gymnasium by the entire school community of district and building administrators, the faculty, staff and students—many wearing the signature Joe Buderman “uniform” of blue, buttoned shirt with tie and khaki pants—Mr. Buderman was both honored and humbled by the standing ovation that awaited him.


    The gym certainly came alive with The Sound of Music as the uplifting talents of Sayville music students and faculty performed “So Long, Farewell” from Mr. Buderman’s favorite musical.


    Finally, after words of praise and gratitude, "I've lived the dream," Mr. Buderman made his goodbyes with endless hugs and tearful eyes.


    (photos courtesy of Mr. Dennis Fagan)