Milestone Years of Service - 2009 Recipients



    Congratulations and thank you to the following staff who have reached significant Milestone Years of Service in Sayville School District!


    During a special presentation at the beginning of the academic school year, each person was recognized for his or her years of service and dedication by the entire assembly of Sayville administrators and colleagues.  Below is a video presentation that was part of the celebration.



    Thirty Years

     1.Steven Hailey


    Twenty-five Years

    2. Jeanette Iannacchino

    3. Ursula Gavan

    4. Stephenie Bauernhuber

    5. Bernadette Hurst

    6. Dan Martin

    7. Walter Pfisterer


    Twenty Years

    8. Neil Bernstein

    9. Janet Cozza

    10. Denise Michael

    11. Claudia Carpenter

    12. Mary Troiano

    13. Pat Arth

    14.Christopher Bostinto

    15. Ann Campson

    16. Daniel Casali

    17. Kathleen d’Andrea          

    18. Eileen O’Brian

    19. Debra Schnebel

    20. Elizabeth Turchak

    21. Pat Vitale

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