A Super Time at Homecoming

  • A Super Time

    at Homecoming 2009


    In perfect fall weather, Sayville High School students ended their spirit week with the Annual Homecoming Parade of floats through Main Street and over to the football field. Choosing from this year’s theme of cartoon super heroes, the Freshman Class portrayed the super-powered, kindergarten-aged Powerpuff Girls from the Emmy-nominated television series; the Sophomores spun a web of enthusiasm for Spider Man; the Juniors showed their super strength with Superman, and the Seniors swarmed in great numbers as they followed Batman and Robin in their crime-fighting quests.


    Colorful tissue-paper covered structures, designed and fabricated by the students, formed each theme’s backdrop for the float and a class skit that was performed later on the football field to receptive audiences.


    Before game start-time, the Freshman and Sophomore classes performed their Homecoming skits.


    • Though few in the number, the stalwart Powerpuff girls foiled the Academy bully, taught lessons on being nice to others, and launched into an energetic dance—complete with flips and leaps—to celebrate.  


    • Spiderman first rescued a baby who was snatched from her mother’s arms and even swung into action (and this was unrehearsed) when the Sophomore dance routine was thwarted by a CD malfunction. Thanks to Spiderman, who darted back and forth to get the CD from the booth, the skit dancers continued as planned.


    • During halftime the Juniors were first to perform a skit. Their creative float, which displayed a diamond-shaped window that swiveled between the Superman emblem and the Number 11, set the stage for action and interaction between the less-super Powerpuff Girls, Spiderman, and Batman, who all fell to the overpowering nastiness of the Junior Class Arch Nemesis. When mild-manner Clark transformed into Superman, the day was saved and their jubilant dance closed the skit.


    Then, the Senior class skit followed...


    • Under the Gotham City Arch, a pulsing crowd wearing black shirts stenciled with the Bat sign and the word Seniors theatrically rolled in on a huge flatbed. As they leaped to the ground, they revealed the signaling device and the entrance to the secret Bat Cave.
    • HORRORS! On the prowl and doing No Good were none other than Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, the Riddler, and the Joker. Once the Gotham residents turned on the Bat Signal in a spray of confetti, Batman and Robin burst from the Bat Cave WHAM! POW! and disposed of the evil forces.
    • In closing, the amazing Gotham City dancers were joined by a menacing but graceful Joker who descended from the bleachers. Together, they performed a spectacular routine that preserved the Dark Knight theme up to its dramatic end.


    Judging the culminating Homecoming activities, select members of the Rotary Club congratulated the hard work of all the classes and awarded First Place to the Seniors, Second to the Juniors, Third to the Sophomores, and Fourth to the Freshmen.


    Homecoming football ended in triumph for the Sayville Varsity Flashes with a win of 42 to 7 over Deer Park.