Last Spring at Lincoln Avenue

  • Last Spring at LINCOLN AVENUE

    Third-grade Lincoln Avenue students in Mrs. Laura Moyer’s class had presented a European PowerPoint Presentation to visiting family members. The month-long preparations involved dividing the class into groups of three and each group researching an assigned European country. “They were given slide templates with information that they had to research about their country," Mrs. Moyer explained. “They used books and internet resources to find the information. Once all the information was gathered, they began to design their slides using PowerPoint.” 


    This was the most exciting part for the students, Mrs. Moyer observed. They enjoyed the creative aspect of designing their own slides, picking different backgrounds, clip art and music, as well as testing an assortment of transition effects. They learned that the popular music such as Faniculi, Fanicula (Italy), the Polka Medley for Poland was unique for each country.


    During the presentation day, the students began the event by narrating their projects before the audience of visitors.  After all slideshows were made, the students and families enjoyed an international smorgasboard that included such savory fares as croissants, baklava, and churros.


    “The children did an outstanding job! Mrs. Moyer remarked proudly. “They even told me that they have begun making PowerPoint projects at home for fun.”

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