Giving Back to Our Community - A Year-Round Endeavor

  • To the residents of Sayville and West Sayville;


            Our local charities often struggle to provide necessities for their clients. This need seems to be greater with each passing year as unemployment and lack of medical coverage place an ever-growing strain on our local residents.


    To deal with this problem, a foundation entitled the Sayville School Employees Charitable Foundation” was established in 2008. The purpose of this nonprofit organization is to raise funds for distribution to recognized charitable organizations within the communities of Sayville and West Sayville throughout the entire year.


            The primary method of raising funds has been through the voluntary donations from Sayville school employees via a deduction from their paychecks every two weeks. We are proud to report that currently 53 members of the staff are contributing members.


            If you would like to aid us in this truly wonderful goal of helping our neighbors, please send a contribution to the:


    Sayville School Employees Charitable Foundation

    c/o Michael Dileo, Assistant Principal

    Sayville High School

    20 Brook Street

    West Sayville, NY 11796


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