Debating One Year Later

  • Barack Obama’s first year in office was the latest topic of the Social Studies Department Debates.

    Opposing arguments on healthcare reform, foreign policy, and the economic stimulus by teams divided into those who Mostly Approved or Mostly Disapproved were discussed in formal debate. Pro-Obama and Anti-Obama teams made opening statements and exchanged rebuttals with intelligent content.

    A question-and-answer session added lively dialogue between the debaters and audience members. Kudos to the Social Studies Department for encouraging the student teams to engage in solid research of current events.

    Pro-Obama team: George Meindl, Mary Corrado, Cassie D'Agostino, Kyle Tieman-Strauss, Kerri Panigrahi, Quentin Hoffman

    Anti-Obama team: Andrea Devenuto, Gabriella Pacia, Bryan Redmond, Ken Stein, Garrett Boyce