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Reading A Plus for Competitors

  • Sayville Middle School teacher, Susan Rafferty set a new contest this fall for her students enrolled in the Reading Plus program. She encouraged every student in the classes to compete to see which students would achieve the highest reading comprehensions scores. The students were required to use all the re-read capabilities of the program to be eligible for the top ten scores.


    During the ongoing contest, Mrs.Rafferty’s students worked towards their goals both in school and at home, using the online-based Reading Plus fluency program. Their sharp reading skills improved as they climbed toward the Top Ten Guided Reading averages.


    It was indeed a fierce competition, with the rewards of a Pizza Party another inducement in the competition. Earning the reputation of “The ReRead Enforcer” from her students, Mrs. Rafferty was very proud of her students’ enthusiasm and overall participation. “The kids worked SO hard on this contest,” Mrs. Rafferty explained, “Each day they came in and asked ‘Am I in the top ten? My Kids were doing rereads left and right, and trying so, so, so hard, it actually pained me if they got one wrong.”


    The contest turned out to be a close one, and all the students involved should be proud of their hard efforts and reading skills. Ms. Leib, the Reading Plus representative who sponsored the program, attended the Awards/Pizza Party to congratulate the top ten scorers. One of top ten expressed excitement about the party and the program, “yeah it was easy and a lot of fun—when can we have the next contest?”


    Congratulations to the following Top Ten Reading Plus Scorers in the Fall Competition:


    Chris Colarusso,

    Tyler Renzulli

    Christina Healey

    Susie Fleming

    Ian Scheff

    Ryan Morrell

    John Palumbo

    Olivia Minogue

    Amanda Gries

    Wyatt Pressler