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Cherry Celebrates Veterans

  • cherry Avenue

    showcases Respect for Veterans


    Acknowledging the sacrifice of our veterans to uphold our freedoms may be a heavy concept for elementary students, but at Cherry Avenue, pictures were worth a thousand words in helping the students understand.

    Organized by Second-grade teacher Nicole Teufel, whose husband SSG Teufel finished his recent tour in Iraq, the idea was to honor the veterans in all families. Each Cherry Avenue student received two stars to salute a veteran close to them. They could choose anyone, whether an immediate relative like a parent, uncle, aunt, cousin, grandparent, great grandparent or a family friend, by providing a picture on one star, and a name and description of the branch of military service on the other star.

    The Cherry Avenue community had an impressive response. Every star was glued to the backdrop of red, white, and blue stripes that covered the walls in the main hallway, along with another military display from the Army Unit that the school adopted last year.