Middle School holds Mock Interviews

  • It appeared to be a real job experience for each young man and woman. They were required to fill out job applications, and once completed, joined the ranks of other applicants waiting to be called in for an interview.


    Except these candidates were Eighth-grade students in the Middle School preparing for Mock Interviews with “employers” from a well-known business establishment. This year, Border’s Books was the company to which the students were “applying” and Sayville Administrators and faculty were the interviewees.


    After weeks on the Career Investigation Unit in their Home and Careers classes, the students were ready to put theory into practice on Mock Interview Day. They knew they must meet and greet with firm hand shakes, eye contact, and clear voices of introduction. The candidates also knew they would be judged on whether they dressed suitably for the interview, how they conducted themselves before, during, and after the interview, and how well they answered questions regarding their job skills. While not every candidate would be a perfect match for the job, the real lesson had more to do with the students becoming familiar with the interview process and how well their needs, aspirations, and goals might someday be viewed by employers.


    The Sayville staff who interviewed the students felt that the noticeable ease with which most students conversed during the interviewing process was the positive outcome of their speaking and listening abilities skills developed as Sixth-graders in the Communication Skills Classes.