Giving Audiences The Creeps

  • Giving Audiences The Creature Creeps


    Why is mad scientist Baron Von Blitzen a person-of-interest regarding the disappearance of a rich man, poor man, beggar man, and thief? 


    What is his lab assistant, a hunchback named Mord, digging up at night?


    Why is there tortured screaming coming from the Baron’s basement?


    These and more mysteries are elements to the plot of Jack Sharkey’s The Creature Creeps, a stage comedy filled with corny jokes and painful puns that have audiences groaning with… laughter.


    The Fall Play, held in the Sayville Little Theatre and performed by the madcap Sayville Players , utilized the diverse talents of two casts, the sound effects of a gloomy castle, and a rapping prelude that forewarned of a “hilarious spoof of all things Transylvanian,” to quote Director Steve Hailey. Impressive scenery depicted a stone castle interior, and 1800s costuming helped situate the humorous characters in the classic horror time period of Friday the 13, in the month of October.


    It is a dark stormy night, every night: Baroness von Blitzen and her four engaged sisters abide by the Carpathian custom of marrying and speaking in sequential age order. Daughter Daisy von Blitzen dumbfounds her fiancé Frank Sterling and her college roommate Babsy Ballou with her dim-witted beliefs. While the quadruplet Shtunken brothers are never seen in the same room at the same time. Mix in a powerful thunderstorm that generates life-restoring electricity, and voila, a formula is born that puts the audience in stitches.


    Kudos to all the Sayville Players onstage* and back stage for delivering another entertaining show.



    * Baron Von Blitzen (Kenneth Murray, Quentin Hoffman)

    Daisy Von Blitzen (Alexis Skalkowski, Kayleigh Brennan)

    Frank Sterling (James Harlin, Mark Skolnik)

    Babsy Ballou (Hannah Russell, Kimberly Colavito)

    Gretchen the maid (Anna Mizzi, Teresa Troccoli)

    Mord the Henchman (John Aquilina, Michael Miller)

    Maritza Zitzen von Blitzen (Alyssa Coia, Francesca Cascardo)

    Hannah Zitzen (Rachel Crennan)

    Freda Zitzen (Teresa Troccoli, Anna Mizzi)

    Olga Zitzen (Francesca Cascarado, Ayssa Coia, Hannah Russell)

     The Schtunken Quartruplets:

    • Heinrich (Christian Savini, Miles Whittaker, Derek Hartnett, Andrew Dier)
    • Hans (Christian Savini, Miles Whittaker, Derek Hartnett, Andrew Dier)
    • Fritz (Christian Savini, Miles Whittaker, Derek Hartnett, Andrew Dier)
    • Otto (Christian Savini, Miles Whittaker, Derek Hartnett, Andrew Dier)

    Cousin Oscar (Christian Savini, Miles Whittaker, Derek Hartnett, Andrew Dier

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