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Fall 2009 Breakfast of Champions

  • The Fall 2009 Breakfast of Champions recognized twenty Sayville High School students who either demonstrated good citizenship beyond the classroom or athletic field,  achieved their personal best by striving to overcome major obstacles, or showed an innate compassion to help others. Their positive attributes of conduct or character, as observed by the Sayville High School teachers and staff who nominated them, have made a difference and provided the essential components that contribute to a successful High School Community.


    During the morning ceremony, High School Dean Brian Becker thanked the art and technology departments for their help in creating the awards, as well as the administrators, faculty, and staff who nominated the “Champions.”

    Thanks also to the High School string quartet, (Kasey Tucker, Giovanna Ruggierro, Douglas Kenny, Rachael Ali, Jaclyn Kollegger, and Kyle Tieman-Strauss) for providing the soothing music at the Breakfast of Champions.


    Each student was called up to receive recognition, a Breakfast of Champions certificate, and plaque created with a personal portrait on a Wheaties Box background.


    Breakfast of Champions has become a wonderful tradition for these select students and their parents to enjoy both a morning meal, provided by 21 Main, Sayville, and a feel-good way to start their day.


    Congratulations to:


    Madiha Aziz, Matthew Baez, Ashley Bortzfield, Greg Burnside, Olivia Cabral, John Carlin, Dave Ferer, Allie Gressler, Pter Hayes, Doug Kenny, Kelly Kobel, Thomas Little, Chris Mazanek, Sean Murphy, Nicole Petillo, Cody Rodriguez, Cassie Sammartano, Melissa Schaefer, Kyle Tieman-Strauss, and Kasey Tucker.


    Fall 2009 Breakfast of Champions


    Madiha Aziz             Nominated by Ms. Bernstein

                                        Madiha is my rock.  Each day for the last two years, this

                                        industrious young lady is prepared, unflappable and poised.

                                        As long as Madiha is around, I know it’s going to be a good




    Matthew Baez         Nominated by Ms. Hart and Ms. Giannico

                                        Matt is truly one of the most respectful young men I have had

                                        the privilege to know.  He exemplifies the saying “hard work pays

                                        off.”  Truly Matt serves as an excellent role model for his pears.

                                        “His personality shines and he is liked by everyone that meets




    Ashley Bortzfield   Nominated by Ms.Van Dorn

                                        Ashley is not only a diligent and conscientious student, she is car-

                                        ing and gracious beyond her years.  Through an essay, she shared

                                        with me her motto for life:  “It’s not how to achieve your dream-

                                        It is about how to lead your life-the right way!”



    Greg Burnside         Nominated by Mr. Delargy

                                        Greg is always positive, always in a great mood and an ex-

                                        tremely hard worker.



    Olivia Cabral            Nominated by Mr. Delargy

                                        Olivia makes everyone around her a better person both on and off

                                        the athletic field.  Her positive nature is infectious.


    John Carlin                Nominated by Ms. Adler

                                        John is conscientious and respectful.  John has been proactive in

                                        advocating for himself, particularly in a situation where he received

                                        an incorrect score on a lab.  He was extremely patient and diligent

                                        with the teacher as he pleaded his case to rectify the grade.  It was 

                                        managerial mistake by the teacher, but it was John’s strong will that

                                        allowed him to stand up for the fact that he did hand in the lab

                                        and he scored a perfect 10 out of 10.



    Dave Ferer               Nominated by Ms. Petrone

                                        Dave is one of the most well-mannered young men I have had

                                        the pleasure of teaching.  He will go out of his way to help others,

    a true role model for his peers.  Overall, Dave is a reliable student  and an exceptional human being.



    Allie Gressler           Nominated by Ms. Dalpiaz

                                        Allie has a great heart and great spirit, both worthy attributes of

                                        a champion.  I came to know Allie through the Art Club and the
                                        “Empty Bowls” project.  It was evident to me that Allie really

                                        cared about helping the cause of feeding the hungry and those in

    need during this economic crisis.  Not only did she set up, serve all night, and clean up, she also contributed two crocks of soup!



    Peter Hayes             Nominated by Ms. Walsh

                                        Peter is such a pleasure to have in class.  His work ethic is

                                        unmatched; he goes above and beyond with each assignment.

                                        His desire to learn and actively participate in his education

                                        is evident.  As a humble person, this award is probably not

                                        something he expected, but it is definitely something he




    Doug Kenny             Nominated by Ms. Bernstein

                                        Doug is without question an enthusiastic learner.  In fact,

                                        sometimes he exhausts me because he is a little too enthusiastic!

                                        He makes class interesting and fun, and boy, he is smart.



    Kelly Kobel               Nominated by Ms. Trentowski

                                        Kelly’s consistency and eagerness when it comes to her school-

                                        work is impressive.  Her maturity and self-awareness is not only

                                        visible in class, but outside the classroom as well.  I admire her

                                        level of motivation and wish more of my juniors possessed such

                                        positive qualities.


    Thomas Little         Nominated  by Mr. Coon

                                        Thomas is a gifted student who is always willing to utilize his

                                        knowledge of technology and computer applications to assist

                                        other students in class.  It is clear that he values education and

                                        is not afraid to share his knowledge and talents with others.  I

                                        feel very fortunate to have Mr. Little as a student and teacher

                                        assistant in my Computer Graphics class!



    Chris Mazanek         Nominated by Ms. Warren

                                        Chris has sustained what can only be described as admirable levels

                                        of motivation and effort.  What a wonderful young man.  He is

                                        motivated, exceptionally polite, respectful, courteous, hard

                                        working, and a great example for his peers.



    Sean Murphy            Nominated by Ms. Mattimore and Ms. Bachisin

                                        Sean is a hard worker with the work ethic like the Energizer

                                        Bunny.  Sean always manages to flash his engaging smile

                                        and say a cheerful “hello”  before digging in his heels and

                                        getting to work.   




    Nicole Petillo           Nominated by Ms. Galarreta

                                        Nicole is focused, helpful, always volunteering and helping

                                        other students,  kind and compassionate – truly a pleasure

                                        to have in class. 



    Cody Rodriguez      Nominated by Ms. Galarreta

                                        Cody is helpful, kind, and maintains a positive attitude.  He

                                        always handles situations respectfully and in a non confrontational



    Cassie Sammartano  Nominated by Mr. Hammer

                                        Cassie is a model student in my art room.  She is conscientious,

                                        highly imaginative, and always positive.  She is someone I can

                                        rely on and for that I am grateful.


    Melissa Schaefer     Nominated by Ms. Dudick

                                        Melissa is an arduous worker who continually strives to do well

                                        in school as well as in athletics.  Not only is Melissa a dedicated

    student, she is respectful, helpful, and eager to help other students.


    Kyle Tieman-Strauss   Nominated by Ms. Brown

                                        Kyle is a polite and respectful young man who defines self-

                                        discipline.  Kyle is a great role model for others to learn time

                                        management, commitment, and flexibility.  It is my pleasure to

                                        work with such a unique and dedicated individual. 


    Kasey Tucker           Nominated  by Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Kramer

                                        Kasey has been an integral part of the music department for

                                        four years.  She is a true leader, helping others 10th period as well

    as before and after school.  Her maturity goes far beyond her years.  She will be missed after graduation.