Pie in the Face for Mr. Murray

  • If the Sayville Middle School food drive collected at least 1,000 items, Assistant Principal Mr. Thomas Murray would take a pie in the face before the entire assembly. For another $5, donators could add their names to the raffle drawing and be the one holding the pie.


    Thanks to the generosity of the entire school community (assisted by the incentive of Mr. Murray’s promise), the Middle School Hope Club spearheaded a successful Food Drive that achieved and surpassed its goal with 1,800 food items. Along with the monies raised by the $5 raffles, the Food Drive would supply over twenty-six Sayville families with groceries.


    True to his word, Mr. Murray waited patiently wearing a protective poncho as the entire school assembled in the gym to witness the fulfillment of his promise. Thanking everyone for participating in the food drive, Mr. Paul Simonson and Principal Dr. Walter Shartner (who held the boxed pie for all to see during the introductions), praised the students and staff for their contributions to such a worthy cause. Roaring with delight and anticipation, the crowd could hardly contain their excitement when listening for the name of one lucky person drawn from the raffle. Coincidentally Mr. Murray’s secretary Sue Ferremi was picked to “deliver” the Chocolate Mousse Cream Pie from Audry’s Bakery to Mr. Murray’s face.


    It was a win-win situation for everyone: The Middle School students never lost sight of the real purpose of Mr. Murray’s stunt and they expressed their pride in helping feed local families in need. And for Mr. Murray, it was his favorite flavor pie.

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