Spine Tingling Career

  • Explaining the amazing properties of the human spine to the students in Home and Career classes was only part of the topics offered by guest speaker and local practitioner Dr. Gabrielle Pojero on her visit to Sayville Middle School. The students were also fascinated to learn how Dr. Pojero’s career journey began with her first job working in horse stables to her current Chiropractic career that involves taking care of both people and animals.


    Home and Careers teachers Mrs. Scantlbury and Ms. Klepacki were grateful to both Dr. Pojero for enlightening their students and Kim Taylor of the Learning for Life* program for arranging the visit.


    * Learning for Life, a subsidiary of the Suffolk County Council, Boy Scouts of America, is a

    character education program for grades kindergarten through grade six and a coed school to career

    program for junior high school and high school students. Our program is designed to support

    schools and other youth-serving organizations in their efforts to prepare youth to successfully

    handle the complexities of today’s society and to enhance their self-confidence, motivation and

    self-esteem. It also helps youth develop social, life, and career skills, formulate positive personal

    values and assist in character development. It prepares youth to make ethical decisions that will

    help them achieve their full potential.

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