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Every Community Has A History

  • Every Community has a History


    As part of the social studies unit on local communities, Cherry Avenue Third-graders received a first-hand lesson about the Sayville of long ago. Mr. John Wells, from the Sayville Historical Society, made his annual visit to talk about the history of Sayville and to answer questions the students had prepared during their research. In addition to his wealth of knowledge, he brought with him photos from the Historical Society’s archive collection that showed how people and buildings changed over time.


    “The students were so excited to hear Mr. Wells tell them what Sayville was like when he was a child,"  recounted one of the Third-grade teachers, Mrs. Geraldine Batterberry. “They loved the photos and could not believe that Mr. Wells could see a movie for 10 cents!”


    When Mr. Wells opened the floor for questions, all hands shot up high in the air.  Their genuine curiosity and interesting questions were remarkably thorough, and Mr. Wells enjoyed responding in kind.


    Thanks to Mr. Wells and the Sayville Historical Society, our Cherry Avenue Third-graders were truly engaged in discovering Sayville’s fun and interesting history.


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